5 thoughts on “Accept the basic humanity of others

  • I generally don’t watch Chris Cuomo’s show, but I tuned in for a brief time last night towards the end of his show. He was going through the MANY things the average person must pay for … and how even the stimulus check is, essentially, a joke.

    I don’t think many of us realize just how much of our money goes out each month. We tend to focus on food and rent, but there is SO MANY other expenses that make up our lives. I tried to find a video of his show that included this, but was unsuccessful. Everything revolved around the accusations against his brother. 😣

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    • Hello Nan. Yes it is hard to have any money left to save these days. It is weird to think that in the repression of the 1970’s people had more disposable income than they do today! But back then not so many of the federal legislature were multi millionaires. Until the countries law makers understand how hard it is for most people and how unfair the system has really become then it will only keep getting worse.

      I have been careful in addressing the allegations against Governor Cuomo as at first it seemed more innuendo than facts. However it is beginning to look like there is something serious to look into here, far more than political hit jobs. Hugs

      OT. I posted a video this morning that I realized later did not have CC. I hope they will fix that. Hugs


      • Scottie, in the scenarios Chris was presenting, it wasn’t a matter of having enough left over to SAVE! It was that there simply wasn’t enough left to survive! I really, really wish I could have found a video of this.

        I’m NOT — repeat, NOT — excusing/defending any man that steps out-of-bounds in sexual matters. BUT! By the same token, many men simply have no clue how their actions are being interpreted by women. Of course, some do (Trump) … and hope the woman will respond favorably. But this is not the case for many men who tend to think their actions are simply “flirtations.” In the case of Cuomo? I pass no judgment, but I do see the word “Politics” flashing before my eyes.

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        • Hello Nan. I have been having a conversation with Keith on this idea of how hard it is to make it today in the comments. It is shocking when we realize how hard it is for the majority of the population today.

          As for Cuomo I agree. That is why I have been careful in what I post, too much of it has seemed to be sharks smelling blood in the water and far too many have been over eager to take down the rising Democrat. I can see some level of cluelessness, but that picture of him putting his hands on that much younger woman’s face really bothers me. Maybe it is he is older or it was culturally OK in the past, but to me that is a horrible violation of personal space. I cringed when I seen it. Again maybe I react that way from having been on the receiving end of very unwanted touching, but … Time will tell, this is being investigating as it should be, and by the correct people. Hugs


          • I also didn’t like that picture … BUT i go back to what I said about some men being clueless. Also, it depends on the relationship between these two at the time. Political dirt has a way of making things look as bad as possible. If we don’t like a person, we take such claims as genuine … and the other way around.

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