2 thoughts on “In a democracy why are the Republicans trying to stop people from voting? Because they can not win if the people have their say

  • Scottie, voter suppression efforts by Republicans have been stepped up since the 2010 midterms and census. ALEC perpetuated cookie cutter state by state voter suppression laws as well enabled more gerrymandering. Even Republicans realize well to late the gerrymandering allowed more extremists to get elected through primaries which oi part of the reason the seditious former president has more sycophants in the halls of legislature. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. True. Many people do not yet realize just how bad ALEC has been for the country. As I was mentioning to Cagjr, they are as bad as Project Blitz. It still stuns me that the Republican people say out loud they do not want people to vote in a democracy and the people accept it. It is outrageous that the Republicans can play on fears so well, and it is so hard to fight back. Hugs


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