9 thoughts on “We Can Afford COVID Relief #shorts

    • Hello Nan. The Republicans are back to their old tricks of obstruct and delay again. Heck it worked well for them with Obama, so why not do it again against Biden. Biden kept saying that once tRump was out of the White House that the other Republicans will return to the 1980’s way of working together. We all said that wouldn’t happen, and it is not. Well Cotton is holding up the AG nomination of Garland, and Johnson is delaying the Covid bill by demanding a reading of the entire bill. There is no reason for either of these actions, but spite. I wish the people would realize what the Republicans really are and would vote them out of office, but that is getting just about impossible now. Hugs


      • IMO, the people that support the Republican party (not the radicals … just the average voters) don’t really care. They adhere to and vote for the core Republican ideals and pay little attention to the goings-on of the “radicals.” Thus, the chances of “voting them out of office” isn’t going to happen because they have no clue what’s really going on.

        And THIS is what those of us who pay attention to what’s happening are up against.

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        • Hello Nan. I agree. What worries me is that the majority of the party is of the radical side and there are fewer of those who just vote Republican based on the old Reagan / bush Republican ideas. I wonder how we reach those who do not understand how the R that they vote for has changed? Hugs


          • Do you have statistics that the majority are radicals? I tend to doubt that. I just think the radicals are the ones that make the most noise and get the most press.

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            • Hello Nan. While I have not done a search for percentages I do think the news of the last 6 months or year prove that the radical side has not only grown but taken over. How many Republican state legislators have tried to change the election, promote Q beliefs, deny science about mask wearing, and promote out of bounds religious laws that even two years ago would have seemed unthinkable. Arizona Republicans passing laws that allow them to ignore the vote and chose the president, instead of the voters. State Senators putting in bills that masks hurt our souls? In our federal congress are two openly Qanon believers who were voted in because they believed in Q bullshit. I am saying that in almost every state run by Republicans and some not run by them, the Republicans are promoting the most radical agendas. So I think the radical part of the party is now the majority part. Heck Keven McCarthy has even changed to support Q and he is the minority leader in the House of Representatives. Hugs


              • OK, I was referencing the voters, not the leaders. Notice I wrote … “the people that support … the average voters.” 🙂 I agree that many/most of the LEADERS have gone off the deep end.

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                • Hello Nan. Yes I missed that and I guess I conflate the two. Maybe I do so because I wouldn’t follow someone I thought was nuts. But I remember you often mention that some people do not have time or energy or even care to follow the news. That is such a shock to me I can not process it! But yes I guess there are people who just vote R when they get around to voting, but I really don’t know why they bother if they don’t even bother to stay informed?

                  I commented on a Notes to Ponder post and now got Tildeb on my ass. I am going to let it drop. I have replied twice to him and I know he will just keep the argument going because he can not accept others having a different view nor stand not getting the last word. I also do not want to make Notes comment section an on going debate with him and I. As Keith told me today about Qanon family members, you just have to no when to back off and not push it anymore. Hugs


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