2 thoughts on “The Truth About Guaranteed Income | Robert Reich

  • Hi, Scottie, and thanks. The Republicans and their capitalist handlers have no desire to see any improvement in what they have engineered for years. Last week, when President Biden ousted the head of the NLRB, there was spontaneous combustion among management lawyers.

    They yelled and screamed that Biden had given in to pressure from labor, while they are trying to apply pressure from management. They think only they can play by those rules.

    I wish the Democrats would see that their only way to pass legislation is to get rid of the filibuster. The Republicans are already using the tactics they threaten to do if the filibuster is removed. So what will the GOP do then that they are not doing now?

    The GOP is trying to stop a covid relief bill that is going to their own constituents. Assholes every one.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. The NLRB that trump filled with wealthy business cronies did everything they could to deny new unions and worked with business to prevent a union from forming. As for the Republicans, do you think McConnell would hesitate to nuke the filibuster if they had control? In a heart beat. The ones I am pissed at are Manchin and Sinema. Manchin owns businesses that will have to raise their employees wages if the minimum was $15. Manchin is worth between 8 and 12 million. Most sites list his worth as over 10 million. But he is unwilling to make a little less in profit by paying more than slave wages and milking the employee for everything they can get. He wont lose money and will still make money if he pays his lower wage workers more, but he doesn’t care. He simply doesn’t care how hard your struggle as long as his money keeps flowing. Sinema texted a few years ago how important it was to increase the minimum wage, but now flounces a no vote. She likes that business donation money.

      I am really sickening that so many of our legislators simply don’t care about the people at all. The feel the job is the golden ticket to their own personal wealth. Not to help others but to help themselves. I am so tired of the system we have that seems unchangeable. Manchin’s daughter is a drug company CEO, who raised the price of the EpiPen from $100 to over $500. She went from making a bit over a million a year to nearly 20 million a year due to mostly this type of price jacking. That is why Manchin fought the Neera Tanden had to withdraw, she twitted negative things about that price gouging of drugs, and it hurt Manchin’s feelings. Hugs


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