Donald Trump’s Georgia Rewrite

The former President is unhappy with us for recognizing reality.

From the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal:

Former Presidents and Vice Presidents have told us how psychologically difficult the early months of lost political power can be. We can therefore empathize if former President Trump is frustrated these days, and perhaps that explains his attack on us Thursday over his role in the GOP’s loss of the Senate.

For someone who says we don’t matter, he sure spends a lot of time reading and responding to us. Thanks for the attention.

What really seems to rankle the most famous resident of Mar-a-Lago isn’t his caricature of our policy differences. It’s that we recognize the reality that Mr. Trump is the main reason Republicans lost two Georgia Senate races in January and thus the Senate majority. Mr. Trump refuses to take responsibility for those defeats, contrary to all evidence.

Read the full editorial.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Georgia Rewrite

  • Scottie, I am sure this editorial eats at the craw of the seditious former president. The truth tends to bother him most, when it comes from conservative outlets. Yet, the seventy plus enfant terrible is always mad about something. He should worry that a grand jury is being convened in Georgia to see if indictments are warranted for his trying to coerce an elected official.

    I truly believe the tipping point is behind us on his future as a candidate. More folks will jump ship for the simple reason, the truth is not on his side. What is also happening with conspiracy theories is what I call “the end of the world predictions.” There was a man who kept predicting the end of the world citing dates, but the world kept on going. After a point, his followers realized he was full of BS and stopped following him.

    This former president is full of BS and, at some point, more and more will move on.

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    • Hello Keith. I found your comment about the tipping point very interesting because that is not in agreement with other opinions I have been reading. Most reports I have read stress the attempts by possible Republican candidates in 2022 and 2024 to appeal to the Qanon believing cult base. The Republican party is being taken over by the most conspiratorial people. The right wing media is doubling down on the most conspiratorial or far right “red meat” to maintain the voters interests. Fox News CEO even announced he sees the channel as the opposition to the Biden administration making them the media arm of the Republican party. Remember not news, but misinformation and conspiracies to attract the viewership of the base. Because of gerrymandering districts into can not lose Republican winning only the most farthest right wing candidate is the winner. It has become a snake that eats itself. I can read into McConnell’s actions since his party has turned on him that he knows the classic side of the Republican party has lost.

      My question is what happens to the classic Republican voter. The ones who wouldn’t vote for tRump but did vote for their Republican legislators? Do they go independent? Do they become Democrats moving the Democratic party even more rightward? I think we need four legitimate political parties in the US. A progressive party, a center left party, a center right party, and the what ever the party is turning into now? As always the question becomes what happens now? Hugs


      • Scottie, I know of what you speak, yet to me he is toast as a candidate. Just look at this week’s spats with the WSJ and Karl Rove. Last week it was someone else and next week it will be someone new People are feeling empowered to be critical. The chinks in the armor are visible. That does not mean he won’t have influence. His zealous fans cannot let that happen. It will be interesting if he is indicted in Georgia for election influence. Keith

        PS – I get tickled that the insurrectionist who sat, feet up, at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and took things is upset that he will have to remain in jail until his May trial.

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        • Hello Keith. Yeah, that guy’s nick name was Bigo. Guess not now. I agree with you that tRump as a candidate is not going to happen. However I think he will keep sucking all the O2 out of the room talking about running and screwing everyone else who wants to.

          But I was talking the party it self, it has become a party cult of personality and conspiracy. And I think it is only going to get worse, not better in the next few years. No matter who tries to run for office or control the party, the fringe has become the majority power brokers. Hugs

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