4 thoughts on “Keilar: GOP hasn’t figured out Trump is just a man behind the curtain

  • Scottie, it is funny she is using Georgia as the example, as the seditious former president may be indicted by a now seated grand jury for election tampering. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I liked that also, grounded in facts. Sadly I am very worried about the impact of facts on the voting tRump cult and on the Republican elected officials in general. Both have shown a large ability to ignore reality. Hugs


      • Scottie, there is one thing in our favor. When these conspiracies zealots put dates on things forewarning of terrible happenings and then nothing does, credibility does wane. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Does it? People have been saying it is the end times of the bible for about 2000 years. So far most of the Qanon followers have simply shifted to a new date. I have read that the people in these cults or groups get a feeling of community, companionship, and belonging from being part of it. They need that. So they find ways to stay in the group and avoid thinking rationally about the information, or the missed dates. Hugs


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