2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The Covid rescue bill is desperately needed, unless you are a wealthy Republican in the federal legislature or a Democrat acting like one. Hugs

  • Hi Scottie;
    True story: My Aunt and Uncle went on vacation – this was before I got my Gracie – and since I had a non-pet house, they asked me to keep their cat. Nice cat. Don’t know what it got into, where, how… but it became a very sick cat. I called my cousin and told her, not knowing what else to do. Finally, took cat to their vet. Cat died. Have never been asked by anyone else in family to care for their cat.

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    • Hello Randy. Wow I can see why. Ouch. Did the vet say what the cat died of? Sorry to hear of your experience. Oh and nope, don’t need a sitter for Odie, thanks. 😀😋😉😉 Hugs


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