HuffPost: A California Experiment Gave People $500 A Month For Two Years. Here’s What Happened.

A California Experiment Gave People $500 A Month For Two Years. Here’s What Happened.
A guaranteed income program gave $500 per month to 125 people in Stockton and found that their job prospects and mental health got better.

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8 thoughts on “HuffPost: A California Experiment Gave People $500 A Month For Two Years. Here’s What Happened.

    • Hello Keith. The thing is most people are stuck in the past and in their fears. Just today I have read four Fox propaganda videos where they are screaming out fear. Fear of your country taken away, fear that the illegals are bring disease, fear of the socialist Democrats may make your life better. Again I say the worst thing the Republicans have done is to convince our people that our country does everything the best way. We don’t, and we could learn so much by looking at what other countries do for their people, but that would cut into the profits of the ultra wealthy. I have had young homeschooled Christian / Republicans tell me that if only other countries did what we do … or that the US leads the world. We have a serious problem in the US and I am at a loss on how to fix it. It seems facts and data do not matter but feelings are supreme.

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      • Scottie, the painfully obvious answer to your question is when a party has nothing to sell, sell on fear. The pre-Trump Party used to stand for a couple of things, but have thrown that all away. About ten years ago after I left the GOP, I made a comment that most Republicans are voting against their economic interests and have no idea they are. The Trump party is built on a three legged stool of lies, conspiracies and fear. Keith

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  • Note that the money was given to those with “median household income of $46,033.” Yet the squabbling in Congress over the “incentive bill” is related to those receiving an annual income of $150,000! IMO, if people –even in a household of four– can’t survive on $150,000/year, they have a real problem!

    Not only that, yes, a lump sum “stimulus payment” of $1500 will help momentarily, but it’s a LONG ways from the solution.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes they gave the money to people at or below the median household income of $46,033. But Nan part of that is verifying that income level.

      The relief bill don’t include a current level of income checking. It uses a level of income before the virus. So yes if a person is making $150 grand a year they shouldn’t need help. But if they lost their job because of Covid and now get by only on unemployment should they still be denied any assistance? Should the income Ron made before Covid be used against us now even though he lost his job last May? He has just gotten some of the information he needs to file last years taxes so our income will be on our taxes done in Feb of last year.

      There is a way to do this easily, give everyone the money and when they file their taxes if they do not qualify, tax that money back. That is a lot easier and better than either denying people based on out of date tax returns or trying to check every person before they get the needed money.

      The lump sum may not help long term but it will help short term for sure. Both Ron and I need our yearly eye exam required by being diabetics. Each year I have needed new glasses. The relief money sure will help with buying them, good glasses cost a lot of money these days. But I agree that living wages and raising the incomes of those poor is the long term solution needed. A basic income for every individual is a requirement in this country and it would greatly improve the economy as more people buying the things they need. Hugs


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