8 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Was hard to find anything to post this morning. But I do wonder why people scream about their rights but never seem to practice their responsibilities?

    • Hello Nan. Yup. The non-political ones are harder to judge because they are more general and subjective. Political ones that are true or topical get posted, but the others I have to judge if they are funny or not. If people realized how many cartoons / memes I look at to do the roundup, they would realize the amount I post is a small fraction of them. Today the political ones were a right wing fest of lies and misinformation so I went back and found all the Cuomo ones and added them. I think people are aware I am partial to the animal ones or like Farscape. Of course I love seeing the cartoons /memes first thing in the morning and I enjoy sharing them.
      As a kid I read the newspaper. It was one of the few things I could sneak and read and no one cared. I would read the cartoons and Dear Abby first, then dash to the opinion page. If I did not have it taken away I would then read all the paper except sports section. I am not a fan of sports. Hugs

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  • Excellent compilation, as always-thank you! And thank you for my Calvin fix, too. It’s extra nice to get it in one of my favorite places to read!

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    • Hello Peter. Welcome to my Toy Box. I am glad you found something to enjoy here. I love to do the roundup as I get to see all the cartoons and memes before I share them. Hugs


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