3 thoughts on “Velshi’s Message To Congress: 55 Million Americans Live in Poverty — They Need More Relief Money

    • Hello Shira. I think the best chance we had to pass a $15 dollar minimum has passed. There is no way a person on the current minimum can afford a two bedroom apartment anywhere in the country. It is a crime that life has become such a struggle just to live in the country today for so many. It is deliberate, the wealthy business owners want the workers to be desperate enough to take any job in any conditions just to be able to eat. They are OK with the country returning to the days of the robber barons with a lower income working class that lives hard short lives laboring to make more profit for the wealthy. Destroying the FDR and the New Deal. I hope the Democrats can find a way to force it to pass but I am not sure they will even try. Hugs

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      • This is true, but as long as Democrats have even the slim ‘majority’ in the Senate that they currently do, there remains a chance to get both parties to see reason.

        Safe Air Hugs,

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