7 thoughts on “Welcome to great and glorious Murica, the shining beacon of light to the world.

  • This type of situation is one that, even with “good” insurance, can happen to anyone. I think most all of us are living one calamity away from poverty.

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    • Hello Shira. I have posted a lot on this subject during the primaries. The fact is the majority in the US want some type of single payer universal health care. The fact that 34 other countries do it shows it can be done. For a long time the powers that be have tried to keep people from seeing that other countries can do what the great US claims can not be done. People are starting to see it. Life shouldn’t be a struggle for survival. Hugs

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        • Hello Shira. Education is key, keep the information in the media and in front of the people. The more they understand how they are being used the stronger they will fight back. Also we have to constantly counter the lying misinformation used by the other side of the issue. Also I think we clearly need to show how far behind in many categories the US has fallen. Keep up the good work. Hugs

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          • Thank you, Scottie, and I think that all of the things you mention are important, but I think that that crucial skill of critical thinking, combined with caring about others, is the best tool we have for countering all of the misinformation.
            One has to know where and how to dig to answer questions that lead to ways to solve problems, and ignore the propaganda.


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