9 thoughts on “I can’t breathe

    • Hello ospreyshire. I see such privilege in the maskless community. No concern about others, and the feeling that their wants take president over others needs. The idea that they can ignore laws / rules simply because they want to. On the hand if a POC can get death by cop for doing nothing wrong at all. Hugs

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      • Hello, Scottie. I definitely see it, too. It’s a fake sense of oppression to them by wearing a mask. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Tomi Lahren or some other ultra-right-wing commentator said it was like slavery last year. It really shows the double standard. Going slightly off-tangent, I can’t be the only one who noticed that the National Guard came in instantly for the Derek Chauvin trial and not the Capitol riots.

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        • Hello Ospreyshire. I agree. The powers in charge during the riot wanted it to succeed and to start a race war to a white nation. It has become know that the tRump AG Barr interfered to keep Chauvin’s plea deal from going through. The White racist cop was going to admit his guilt and the white supremacist couldn’t have that.

          Ospreyshire I can not understand what a POC is going through in this country right now. How to tell them it will get better, how to tell the children it will get better when they see that police can hurt them with out any punishment. I grew up so different than reality for POC, even as an abused child I was still given white privilege, something I did not know or even understand. Now the big challenge, how to change the country. I have my ideas, but I have learned that I don’t understand it as much as those that live it, so I am asking instead of talking, I want to listen … what do you think we need to do my friend? Hugs

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          • Thanks. I’ve definitely noticed that about both cases in particular. It feels like more and more things are being exposed with how corrupt and bigoted things are with the world to see it. You can also add the recent interview of Meghan Markle talking about the royal family there albeit for different reasons.

            I’m still trying to adjust like anyone when it comes to these times. Are there times where it felt scary especially during last summer? Yeah, I won’t lie about that. It is angering about the double standard of the American justice system and that was even before COVID times. I’m glad you acknowledge you privilege even with the hardships you’ve been through. Those are some big questions and I wish I had some foolproof solutions. Keep on calling out racists and educating yourself for starters. Holding people accountable would be another good thing. Keep on listening. That’s not going to solve everything, but it could be part of a solution.

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    • Hello Polly. Thank you. I am sorry I have not been around much lately. But to the post, I look at the picture of that young black child and I want to scream. How the hell can he see the country as fair, as helpful, as open to him. How can he not be feeling that he is hated and that whites want to hurt him. This is leading to generations lost, so much good and valuable in the country being thrown away. It has never been clearer to me we are in a fight for the future of the country and that means equality for all or rights only for a limited single group. Hugs


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