4 thoughts on “The Real Origins of the Religious Right

  • And the “average” supporter of the “Religious Right” will never know about any of this because it isn’t something that would be broadcast on Faux News.

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    • Hello Nan. Very true. But if we are to fight the enemy we must know the enemy. I am stunned at the active racism hidden in institutions and activities. I know the point was to hide while pushing their agenda but to have the behind the scenes racism so ingrained, even designed to function / attack POC is stunning to me. We must continue to call it out. Hugs

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  • I was there. I remember the times.

    This article has it exactly correct. Which is a change of my prior opinion.
    All these years I saw Roe v. as the catalyst of moralizing evangelicalistic GOP.

    Nope. It was the racism, bigotry, of Brown v. in 1956. (btw, wasn’t Roe in 1974, not ’73 as cited? Argued in Oct.’73, ruling in Jan.’74?) Abortion was, indeed, a “Catholic issue.”

    Not knowing or speaking for other boomers, just, this seed idea totally reset my understanding of those political currents and the GOP track from Nixon to Bush, (forget Reagan, he was prop, a cutout for CIABush oil list. So was GOP their prop, for that matter.)

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    • Hello Meremark. Welcome to my Toy Box. I apologize for the delay in replying. I appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you more often. Hugs


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