QAnon Rep Ends Pelosi Attack Ad With Gunshot Sound

Fox News reports:

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert calls on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “tear down” security fencing around the Capitol in a new ad. “You protect what you love,” Boebert says in the ad as she walks in front of the Capitol building.

Some commentators criticized the video, noting that Boebert tweeted Pelosi’s whereabouts on Jan. 6 as a violent mob broke into the Capitol. Boebert claimed she was repeating only what people could see on TV.

Others took issue with the gunshot sound effect at the end of the ad as the Colorado congresswoman’s signature appears on the screen.

This is what the Republican party is now. When they tell us who they are it is time to believe them. This is the party that will do anything to cement their power in the US over all of us, even an insurrection. What kind of people are they appealing too? Hugs

4 thoughts on “QAnon Rep Ends Pelosi Attack Ad With Gunshot Sound

  • It’s thanks to Boebert and her friends that this wall was built. Maybe she should take it down. When is Boebert going to act like a responsible adult, a politician or has the definition changed for all time now?

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  • It’s disappointing to me that a bunch of these Repubs have such seething disgust and hate for Dems and liberals in general, or at least back the ones who are most vocal about it. I don’t know any Dems who insist all these folks should be killed just because they’re Repubs (some put on trial for treason thanks to Jan 6th? That’s another story).

    Sheesh, these folks can’t even PRETEND they’re not itching to form a firing squad anymore…

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. It is a major difference between the parties, one looks progressively forward and the other regressively backward. One is inclusive and the other exclusive. The problem is the one that is regressive and exclusive is also the one trying to claim the moral high ground. They are clueless. Their base is energized by the worse in humanity. Hugs

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