Oppressive Integrity



Currently, there are 43 states that are considering 253 bills that will change laws affecting how people can vote.

Republicans from Georgia to Indiana to Iowa to Arizona and everywhere in between are trying to change laws that will limit the number of drop boxes per county, limit hours polls are to be open, limit mail-in voting, limit reasons to vote by mail, limit the number of voting locations, limit the number of days people can vote early, strengthen voter ID requirements and then…wait for it…limit the ability to get IDs.

Did you notice one word repeated a lot in the last paragraph? That word was “limit.” So, why so much limiting across the country? Is it because of widespread voter fraud, illegals voting, shady ballots, defective voting machines, Hugo Chavez’s ghost stealing the election from Donald Trump for Joe Biden? Nope. None of those things happened.

Republicans argue we…

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