Christian Realtor Arrested in Murder Plot Said She’d Just Ask God to Forgive Her

You may have heard by now about a practically-made-for-Netflix crime that involves a high-profile real estate agent from Missouri trying to order a hitman to take out her former mother-in-law.

That agent, Leigh Ann Bauman (below), was arrested last Thursday. It happened after she was caught on tape ordering the hit and saying she’d get the $1,500 from the bank the following day.


The Washington Post has the full story, but I just want to draw your attention to one part. Earlier this month, when she asked a woman to find someone to help “get rid” of her ex-in-law, that person wondered if Bauman was serious.

Bauman responded in a way that perfectly encapsulates the problem with Christianity:

Pressed about whether she was serious, Bauman said she “knew it was wrong as a Christian, but she would go to church and ask for forgiveness after it was done.”

That’s the entire problem with the Jesus story, isn’t it? If you think you can be forgiven for anything, it gives you carte blanche to do anything you want, no matter how heinous it might be. Those of us in the reality-based world know that forgiveness only comes from actual repentance — and acceptance of that from the other side. There’s no guaranteed forgiveness for being a horrible person.

Sure, many Christians would be quick to point out that God wouldn’t offer forgiveness to Bauman just because she asked for it; she would have to genuinely want it, too, and it’s clear she doesn’t feel that remorse. But somewhere during her life, she began to think forgiveness would come if she just said the right prayers — like the redemption story of anyone who falls from grace. What does it say about churches that people in their congregations might think the same way?

Incidentally, Bauman’s LinkedIn profile says she belongs to Lake Christian Church. That’s actually Lake Ozark Christian Church which even publicized her baptism into the faith this past November. (The video has since been made private.)


Convenient, isn’t it? She became a Christian just in time to need some forgiveness. Maybe even as she was plotting her next steps.

4 thoughts on “Christian Realtor Arrested in Murder Plot Said She’d Just Ask God to Forgive Her

  • Well, we’re talking about two sets of law here. & one of them may or may not even exist. & who cares if she asks God to forgive her? How does that affect the rest of us? I mean, really?

    I always said that being Christian, especially being Catholic, was so very convenient, because you could be a world-class sinner your whole life & then, on your death bed, confess all your sins & be shriven of them just in time to go to heaven. What a great system! But this has nothing to do with the legal system here on earth. You can be shriven of your sins as you die in prison, ya know.

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    • Hello Polly. Yes it is an interesting mind puzzle. It seems she was not concerned with the secular law, but wanted to insure her possible second life if any exist. I think we have all heard the saying it is better to ask forgiveness than try to get permission. Think how many people find god in prison, but prison’s give privileges to those who are religious. The old trope that religious people are good people. I am sorry but the mind set that you can be as evil as you wish and still get forgiveness from the supreme deity is only something the upper levels of a group would give to themselves, they sure do not give it to the lowest levels. And that makes me suspect any group that goes along with such an idea. Hugs


  • THIS, is one major reason why I really dislike religion. All of them.

    At some level, each and every butt in the pews, is a damn hypocrite. There are as many gods as there are believers…

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    • Hello ShellDigger. And that is the truth! Nothing I can add, you said it all. Which makes me wonder … why do most of them do it? Why do they put themselves through the scrutiny of their “peers”? Hugs


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