Duckets For Russets



Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to pass the $1.9 trillion stimulus package. The Senate had already passed it last week. You’re probably going to get another stimulus check.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican, tweeted out praise for the $28.6 billion included for “targeted relief” for restaurants.

Wicker tweeted, “Independent restaurant operators have won $28.6 billion worth of targeted relief. This funding will ensure small businesses can survive the pandemic by helping to adapt their operations and keep their employees on the payroll.”

Wow. It sure sounds like Wicker is excited about this money that’ll help restaurants stay afloat. Members of Congress typically boast about their votes and how much they’re doing for their constituents. Wicker really wants small restaurant owners in Mississippi to appreciate him for this stimulus they’re about to receive. But Wicker did leave out one tiny little maybe important detail. It’s a detail that everyone…

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8 thoughts on “Duckets For Russets

  • Scottie, this post by claytoonz is a perfect illustration of what I keep saying. The “average” Republican has no clue. Just like he said, when voting time rolls around, they’ll vote for the Republican candidate (in this case, Roger Wicker) … simply because they have registered as “Republican.”

    TOO MANY support the Republican POV, but have no clue how the actual people they put in office are representing them. They mark their X and then go back to their daily lives with nary another thought about what’s actually happening in the political world.

    Statistics can only go so far … and when they say that “60%” are happy with things right now, one has to consider that the people actually offering their opinion are primarily ones that have at least minimal interest in the political world. There are MANY who would never bother to answer a survey.

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    • Hello Nan. As you have told me before we are a different type of people because we pay attention to the news. Yet I wonder if we asked those R voters you mentioned what was the Republican POV, would they all give us the same answer? I doubt it. I really don’t think those people even understand what the R stands for today and if you told them they wouldn’t believe it or be drastically shocked. That is the problem we face. I think you might agree with me that even in households there is a disagreement over what he R stands for. Hugs


    • Hello Shira. Sadly the situation will only help the Republicans as many are now taking credit for the benefits their constituents are going to get. They have no shame. It frustrates me to no end that these Republicans can so easily lie to everyone as they work against the people and try to benefit themselves. I wish everyone could see clearly what the GQP is doing. Hugs

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      • I wish so, too, Scottie, but I’m afraid that we’re just going to have to keep pulling these horses to the waters of education and empathy, and keep teaching and learning together until they are they/we all are thirsty enough to drink together.

        What other way forward is there?

        In Service and Hope for HumanKind,

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