MAGA Cultist Pastor: The COVID Relief Bill Is Trump’s “Blessing to America”

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn of Mississippi’s First Harvest Ministries, who recently claimed Donald Trump would absolutely be a two-term president because God never said it would be consecutive terms, is now giving Trump credit for the COVID relief bill that Democrats passed with literally no Republican support.




And so, ladies and gentlemen, that bill that was passed [Saturday], where you’re getting all this money, that was an offering from our late president, to every one of you, because that dollar amount — remember, you got $600 earlier… you know, a few weeks ago, a month ago. $600. Well, now you’re getting the rest of what he fought for. $1,400 more equals $2,000 a person. So even as Donald Trump has left office, his blessing to America has continued.

Trump didn’t fight for it. The Republican Party didn’t vote for it. Most Republicans still deny the reality of the pandemic.

The only reason people will be getting checks — and all the other benefits of the recent bill — is because Democrats stuck together and refused to budge on the dollar amount despite Republicans’ repeated attempts to sabotage the bill.

Much like Christians who give God credit for a surgery that doctors performed, some brainwashed people like Vaughn still want to give Trump credit for things he never cared about, fought for, or spent any time dealing with because they foolishly think Trump gives a shit about them. We wouldn’t even be in this mess if Trump had actually tried to contain the virus and listened to experts instead of pretending like there was nothing going on.

6 thoughts on “MAGA Cultist Pastor: The COVID Relief Bill Is Trump’s “Blessing to America”

  • I asked on my blog this morning, how can anyone still give fealty to PINO (Prez in name only). It looks as though you answered the question for me, Scottie. Terminal Stupidity. Mind you, I’m sure this was the man who before the election was over insisted PINO would win and have a second term. Looks like God told him to change his story quickly.

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    • Hello David. Thank you. Today I heard Hannity praise tRump for the current situation with vaccines, and decrying that Biden was getting credit. His whole rant is that we owe tRump for the success we have right now for over 100 million vaccines given and for the entire population to be vaccinated in late May if they want. Now fucking way tRump can be credited with that. First both Pfizer and Moderna did not use the US government to create the vaccines. Plus tRump did not buy but a fraction of the doses needed even though his administration did spend / give money to people who had no ability to make a vaccine. tRump did not have a distribution plan, and refused to use the defense act o increase production or distribution. Yet Far right media wants everyone to think all of this is something tRump set up. Anything to keep Biden from having credit. Hugs

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