5 thoughts on “Teacher are not and shouldn’t be child sitters or daycare. Teachers need a safe work place as much as anyone else

    • Hello Chatty Introvert. If this last year of being home with and trying to teach their own children has not taught them anything they need to spend a week doing it for 25 or 30 of them. Seriously these people are sick of their own children, how would they feel about other peoples kids under the same circumstances? Childcare is serious work, and educating others especially children is an underpaid professional skill that should get a lot more respect. Hugs

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      • What sucks is where you’ve got these fundamentalists badmouthing moms for wanting to send their kids back to school because they don’t want to be good parents. Uh, no. These kids were supposed to be going to school to learn while the parents did other things, like work or take care of the house. It’s like they forgot what the point of school was.

        But then again, some groups don’t value education in this country, unless it’s their own brand of it for themselves and those they deem worthy of it in the first place. And many others don’t value it at all for anyone, which is why they bitch about teacher pay. It’s why a lot of qualified teachers are willing to teach overseas, especially in South Korea. Teachers are revered in most Asian countries, because they have an incredible responsibility, and the people over there know that.

        I wish we had more respect for teachers here, because in 50 years people are gonna be scratching their heads wondering how we became an ignorant backwater of the western world as other countries’ economies zoom right on by. You can’t have innovation and technological growth without education, but they don’t seem to care.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Well said. The idea that all parents or guardians are capable or even should home school their children is stupid IMO. I wish no child was home schooled. Schooling, educating the young takes a skill, it is a specialty that some have and far too many lack. It a profession that mommy’s and daddies simply do not have the training for. To suggest that just anyone can teach children is to make teachers simply child sitters. That means those people are OK with kids simply being warehoused until they are able to join the workforce.

          Not all schools are the same either. I get angry over the orthodox Jewish schools in NY City that teach the kids only the bible. The kids graduate high school barely able to write, not able to do math, The only history they are taught is Jewish Torah history, not able to get a job, and the schools help them file for state assistance right away. To me that is child abuse. Hugs

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