The history of the “one drop” rule and how it impacts Americans today

The US has a long time racism problem and it is a lot to do with power and control over others. To be able to do what you want with them with out fear or reprisals. I think none of the people today are a pure any race, nor should they want to be. We are stronger mixed together. Hugs

2 thoughts on “The history of the “one drop” rule and how it impacts Americans today

  • Truth be known, just because a person’s skin color is “white” today doesn’t mean there wasn’t a “blending” in their heritage.

    (I didn’t watch the video –no CC– so this may have been addressed in it.)

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    • Hello Nan. As I understand it there is simply no pure race anymore. It is a social concept, just like gender roles. It frustrates me to think people are fighting over a concept that simply doesn’t exist. Hugs

      OT sort of. I regret some of the things I post do not have CC, I do not know if these stations which are big enough to do their own are waiting for YouTube to do it for them. I do know I was shocked to find out that after I uploaded a video to YouTube they added CC to it. I have not watched one to see how good it is. When possible if I post a video I like to get either a transcript or a well known site that has CC. Best wishes, about to go to bed. Hugs


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