Please do not rewrite history – there is too much to learn (a still needed reprise)

Hello Keith. We have reaped what our ancestors / we have sown. I am watching the Sunday news shows, and our political leaders still can not admit to what happened just a few months ago. It seems ignoring inconvenient reality is the new game in political circles. Reality is only what you can convince your audience it is. How the youth of today will be able to create a better world than we are leaving them I do not know. Hugs


The following post was written about six years ago. Unfortunately, the white washing of US history continues as would typically be done in more autocratic regimes. If we do not bother to know history, we are destined to repeat it, especially by some who do not want us to know.

In the US, a few states have acquiesced to the push by some conservative funding groups to whitewash history. The target is the Advanced Placement US History curriculum. The problem the group is solving in their minds is we do not pat ourselves on the back enough and discuss American exceptionalism. I will forego the word exceptionalism as I can devote a whole post to this, but when we try to hide our warts and how we have protested or overcome those warts, we are missinga key part of our greatness – our ability as citizens to protest and…

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3 thoughts on “Please do not rewrite history – there is too much to learn (a still needed reprise)

  • The next generation will make a better society, bit by bit perhaps, but they must, “because the alternative is too terrible to consider.”

    (and Delenn, of Babylon 5…)

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    • Hello Shira. I love that show. I wish our own time / reality had such wisdoms in the minds of the public. Yes it is horrible to think that our children will not have a better future, but we still must give them the tools to get there. Hugs

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      • Exactly!
        Tools, and empathy.
        I hope you’ll have a chance to look at my reviews, just starting, of B5. Most recent one just posted earlier today, if you’re interested.
        Hugs, and
        Valen go with you!

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