Republican Head



One of the funny things about the great cancel culture distraction when it comes to the Republican fear of trans potatoes, is the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are the same toys. I’m sure Hasbro has huge boxes of plastic potatoes somewhere in Taiwan and at some point along an assembly line, someone earning 43 cents an hour makes the crucial call for each potato whether it’ll have a mustache or a wig.

Technically, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are both anatomically correct as potatoes don’t have penises and vaginas. I’m not a farmer but I’m still pretty sure of this. But, what the fuckers at Fox News are up in their plastic arms about is that Hasbro has dropped the “Mr” and “Mrs” from the toy line. But, they have not from the individual characters. I know. It’s weird. Let’s hope Sean Hannity never removes the camo pants off…

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