A Student Recorded a WV Health Teacher Denouncing Non-Christians in Class

A Student Recorded a WV Health Teacher Denouncing Non-Christians in Class

The teacher also told students God would help them handle their hormones.Friendly Atheist

A couple of days ago, YouTuber Owen Morgan, who goes by the name Telltale, posted some disturbing audio from his daughter’s public school health class in West Virginia. (A more recent modified version of it is below.)

The teacher told the middle school students that they shouldn’t have sex until marriage because the Bible said so, that people who didn’t believe in God worried her, that she injected religion into the classroom whenever she could, and that God would help them “make better decisions” about how to handle their hormones.

Audio is CC



First of all, a tip of the hat to the student who had the wherewithal to record the lesson, knowing the teacher would say some messed up stuff.

Morgan informed the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the incident and they sprang into action, sending this letter to the superintendent of the Cabell County Schools.

The teacher reportedly also said that she doesn’t “believe in” same sex relationships. When teaching students about hormonal changes during puberty, she remarked:

“The thing is you have to choose, what are you going to do with those feelings and thoughts? And if you’re brought up with morals and values, then God’s going to be there to help you make better decisions.”

“Because this teacher has admitted that she is aware of, and yet unwilling to follow, the law, which prohibits religious indoctrination in the classroom, she has admitted that she is not fit to be a public school teacher,” writes FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line. “She understood the law and deliberately violated it, imposing her religion on other people’s children in the process.”

“This health teacher’s religious screed is both shockingly unlawful and ethically impermissible,” comments FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “The district must protect its students from this coercion and scorn.”

It’s appalling behavior from any teacher, much less a health teacher who, more than most other staffers, should be better equipped to focus on science and facts instead of church bullshit and the Bible.

How long has she been speaking this way without getting caught?

Last night, Morgan told me he appreciated FFRF’s swift action to help him navigate through this. He considered going public on his own, but he wasn’t trying to create a problem for his daughter or invite harassment upon the teacher in question. He just wanted this problem dealt with — and hopefully this letter forces the district to remind staffers that Christian indoctrination has no place inside the workplace.

If educators can’t deal with that, they should find jobs in churches instead of places where kids deserve better.

6 thoughts on “A Student Recorded a WV Health Teacher Denouncing Non-Christians in Class

  • Oh, I JUST watched this video not an hour ago. Wow. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson said before, “This case is not about the need to separate church and state; it’s about the need to separate ignorant, scientifically illiterate people from the ranks of teachers.”

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    • Hello thespartanatheist. I have been trying hard to stay away from the openly bigoted reports of religion, hoping I guess that with tRump gone they would change some. Sadly tRump did not make the churches bigoted, he just used it. Most people don’t see that the vocal on TV / press release religious leaders only use these issues for fundraising. The followers miss that for decades the leaders have rail against a subject until it doesn’t resonate anymore than grab the next wedge issue to create fear over to do fund raising. Brian Brown is the most odious. Always send me money to prevent …, send me money to stop …, send me money to keep my big salary please. But that changed during tRump’s term. Regular churches started to actually preach and believe the crap bigotry and act on it. School employees suddenly felt entitled to voice their bigotries to kids, to force their view of creation and racial bias. That is the scary part, the hate has moved down stream to the pews. We once had the people in the pews saying that they did not believe the worst of the worst about people, now it has changed. Scary.

      How have you been? I hope you are well. Hugs

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  • She says that it makes her “sick” how they believe … well SHE makes ME sick-sick-sick how she believes. What a throwback to the puritans!

    And this was in a PUBLIC SCHOOL??!!?! Parents should speak up and get her the hell out of there! Oh, I just read where FFRF got involved. Good show!

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    • Hello Nan. What got me was where she admitted she was in the wrong and so only inserted as much religion as she thought she could to keep from getting into “real trouble”. She knows she is wrong, she doesn’t care, she only wants to avoid the consequences of her actions … and she thinks she is morally superior! WTF! But as I have posted before there are far too many of her kind, and now with project Blitz as Cagjr likes to remind us, the reach of religious laws effecting all of us is getting larger. Hugs

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    • We can see how religion has infiltrated public education. That is one of the objectives of Christian nationalists: do away with public education and put the church in charge of all education. I think that is one of their “Seven Mountains” policy.

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      • Hello Cagjr. Yes you are correct. Control what people know or believe and you can control how people act / behave. We see what far right media has done to the tRump cult followers. Other developed nations are pulling way ahead of the US in schooling and advancements, also increasing in peoples well being and happiness. They are advancing, the US is regressing. Hugs


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