Canadian Pastor Offers Pathetic Apology After Giving Wildly Anti-LGBTQ Sermon

Canadian Pastor Offers Pathetic Apology After Giving Wildly Anti-LGBTQ Sermon

Pastor Terry Murphy doesn’t think he’s a bigot. The video tells another story.Friendly Atheist

Over the weekend, Pastor Terry Murphy of Regina Victory Church in Saskatchewan offered an apology to the LGBTQ community:

Hello, my name is Terry Murphy, and I’m the pastor of the Regina Victory Church. I’m making this video in response to all those who were so greatly distressed by my message to our church last Sunday morning, “Raising Godly Children.”

I want to say that I’m very sorry for all of the stress this has caused the LGBTQ community. This was never my intention. The message was never intended to condemn the LGBTQ community, nor was there any intention to conflate your community with pedophilia.

Our church is open to any who wish to come, to learn about Christianity and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We harbor no hatred towards any group. In fact, we condemn such hatred. The message was intended for the audience of the church. The internet is the main method we have to reach our congregation during this time. The message was intended to encourage parents within our church to raise their children according to standard time-honored biblical teaching. The message was not intended to be an attack on any group and I’m truly sorry this has offended so many of you, particularly in the gay community. We wish nothing but good upon the members of your community and pray that your lives would flourish.

I want to thank you for your time and I hope you will accept this as an apology. Thank you.

So… he says he wasn’t condemning LGBTQ people, that he harbors no hatred toward them, and that he just wanted to help parents raise their kids in a biblical way.

Here’s the obvious follow-up question: What the hell did he say?

What sort of anti-LGBTQ sermon could he have possibly given to warrant an apology like that? Was it just something taken out of context? That’s certainly what the church wants everyone to think since it posted a two-minute excerpt from the sermon with the caption “This clip should provide context for those who have seen the controversy surrounding that video.”

The problem with that clip is that it begins at the very end of the sermon.

So I did them a favor and clipped together everything relevant that came before that. (The church’s preferred clip begins around the 2:51 mark of my video below.)

Check it out. Tell me if anything was taken out of context…


If you promote a choice, any choice is acceptable, people will start to begin to make it more. If you promote pedophilia and make it normal, people will start — the inhibitions will come down — and people will, “Well, everybody says it’s okay.” Well, it’s not okay.

1 in 6 [members of] Gen Z — that, I guess that’s from around 2000 to now, the 20-year-olds — 1 in 6 Generation Z now identifies as being LGBTQ… That’s up from 1 or 2 percent just a few years ago. This is a horrifying track that our culture is on.

Some of these behaviors are so disturbing. Something that was called in mental health textbooks “gender dysphoria” just — it’s probably still in the textbooks today because this has happened so currently — transgenderism… and just a couple years ago was seen as a mental disorder! But now they’re saying, “No, you were born that way!”

I find it extremely abhorrent. A whole generation is being victimized, being told you were born in the wrong body, being told you should experiment with your sexuality, being told by the experts that this is normal. Who are these experts?

1 in 6. I’ll tell you, the church needs to stop believing that people are born that way. We’re all born with a sin nature. Pedophilia is a choice! You’re not born with that!

Now they’re telling us Dr. Seuss is bad. I saw a video on Dr. Seuss. He was fighting racism, not promoting it. But they’re saying he’s a racist and he’s bad, but a book for pre-schoolers that says Johnny had two or three dads is a good book! And it should be read in the library by a drag queen! That’s good! But Dr. Seuss needs to be banned.

When I was a kid, we I grew up in front of the TV. But there wasn’t “Jimmy Has Two Dads.” It was “The Flintstones” and “Three Stooges.”

Now, let me say this: From the bottom of my heart, we have no animosity towards the gay community or towards LGBTQ any more than we have towards someone sleeping with someone outside of marriage or committing adultery or making — doing anything. We have no… people have been deceived! And God loves each and every one of them and He wants them to hear the truth! And we need to share the truth in love, not with condemnation, not with anger, but pleading.

And long before you talk to anybody about that, there should be hours and hours spent in sincere prayer because these things are not broken through the intellect. This is a spiritual problem that has a spiritual solution. So I want to put that caveat on everything I’m saying.

He completes just about everything in the bigot checklist. Comparing gay people to pedophiles. Saying that transgender people suffer a mental disorder. Saying society is worse off because more people are out of the closet. Claiming a book with two fictional dads is somehow awful for children. Saying he actually loves LGBTQ people.

The only thing that I didn’t expect was the implication that the “Three Stooges” was wholesome television. (“The Flintstones” makes sense, though. What else would you expect from someone who’s probably a Creationist?)

What’s troubling is that the comments on the church’s Facebook page are overwhelmingly positive. They’re praising Murphy for telling it like it is and not caving in to wokeness… which is a weird way to celebrate bigotry.

It also makes his apology wholly inadequate.

In a sermon meant to help parents raise their kids, he perpetuated lies about LGBTQ people that have previously led to trauma or worse. He said being LGBTQ was a “spiritual problem,” that being trans was a “mental disorder,” and that it’s “horrifying” that more people are now open about their identities. The message was absolutely an attack on a group. No LGBTQ people should or would feel comfortable in his church.

It also says a lot about the Christians who belong to that church that they feel comfortable in such a place knowing their leader is a monster. The fact that they didn’t walk out of there tells you this church is full of heartless people.

What Murphy said wasn’t unique. It’s unfortunately the sort of hate you expect to hear from all kinds of white evangelical pastors. But that doesn’t mean anyone should accept it as normal.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Pastor Offers Pathetic Apology After Giving Wildly Anti-LGBTQ Sermon

  • Scottie, to me the worst sin a preacher can do is bigotry from the pulpit. When a preacher preaches a religion of exclusion, he is exhibiting religion at its absolute worst. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I thank you and I think I understand what you are saying. However the reason I was so incensed at this “preacher” is his apology which is totally clueless for what he did, and is not at all an apology. He is the 7 year old being forced to say he is sorry, but really is not and doesn’t care as long as he is not punished. Really angers me that he claims to not be a bigot and has only Christ’s love, and wants to never stress or condemn the LGBTQ+ … Full on bullshit! Just see / listen to what he says about the LGBTQ+ , the sound of his voice alone is anger and hate. Yet the reviews on his church site were positive! Think on that, he is the leader and the followers agreed. Preach that hate and let our kind rejoice! I know we all band together to call out political lies and subterfuge, but I wish more did on religious issues and leaders. This guy can not really harm me, I am a 58 year old secure white male that owns my own home, has a secure income, and is beyond his reach.
      But what about the kids? The 12 year old discovering the feelings he has are not acceptable to his friends, the 14 year old trying to deal with being in the wrong body gender wise, and so much more. It is not a joke that these groups have such high suicide rates, and until people in those communities stand up to these statements, more kids will die. Hugs

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  • Hi Scottie;
    What bothers me about these types of people is that they use Christianity as a weapon of we vs. they. It is all about being popular, being the bully against someone who the crowd agrees is “bad”. But further, those people in the crowd now take that teaching, declare it good and acceptable under God (because the pastor wouldn’t have said so if it weren’t), and sends them out to spread the “good news”. And, like you said above, they pick on the questioning, the weak, the hurt. Rarely do you see someone like that go up against a person who has been in the fight for decades because they will be told to go to that very hell they seem to enjoy so much.
    What further bothers me about these type of people is that one’s gender identity or sexual orientation is not a “thing that they do”. It isn’t like an occasional theft of a candy bar. It isn’t a spoken lie. It isn’t a simple decision and action of cheating on one’s spouse. It is a fundamental aspect of one’s very personhood. You can’t “Hate the sin but love the sinner” when you seek to destroy a foundational ingredient of a person.


    PS: Please remind me to tell you about these two fantastic shirts that came to me today. 🙂

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    • Hello Randy. Grand, I love it. I am sorry I am late getting to your comment. I made homemade cinnamon swirl bread yesterday and the last few days I have been too tired in the evening to think clearly. Going back on my allergy medications has helped a lot.

      I think you will like this guy. I have watched a few of his videos.

      About the sex and religion aspect, the recent shooting in Georgia are an example of what can happen when religions push that natural sexual feelings are wrong and evil. The shooter was attending a church sex clinic just down the road from where he started his shooting spree. They do sexual orientation conversion therapy there. The shooter claimed to have sexual addiction, which is when white religious people have strong sexual desires and act in possible improper ways due to repression and lack of proper sexual education. It can really twist the mind when a person is constantly told they are bad, sinful, evil, and so many worse things simply because they are horny and need to play with themselves.

      Having said that I still think there was a racial hatred involved in his actions. Hope to chat with you after the morning news shows. Hugs


  • Christianity cannot survive without hypocrisy, hatred, and bigotry. Pedophilia is a protected activity and all the ‘sins’ that are common to man are common in the church. But the accounting for sin is dependant on who is waving the cross.

    The Roman Catholic church declared it cannot bless LGBTQ activity, yet it blesses its priests and allows them to be active in the church knowing that they are child molesters. As far as I can tell, LGBTQ persons are not about child molestation. Maybe someone can correct me since I am not an authority in that area.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I think we have all seen what distorting normal sexual urges and desires can cause. Everything from self hating suicide to shooting up massage parlors. You are correct that religions need to have a boogieman to fund raise off of. Save marriage send us money. Save the babies send us money. Women working destroys families so send us money. Heck now they have gone mostly from the gays to the transgenders. That is the new supper boogieman. But have you noticed that facts never seem to matter to them? Hugs

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      • Yes, Scottie, I have noticed how easily they dismiss facts.
        I remember an old Country/Western song that notes that the preacher pleads for folks to send their money to God, but they give out their own address. Take money out of the church and it will crumble like the walls of Jerico.

        “Theologians are all alike, of whatever religion or country they may be. Their aim is always to wield despotic authority of men’s consciences. They therefore persecute all of us who have the temerity to unveil the truth.”
        —Frederick the Great, letter to Voltaire (Nov. 4, 1736)
        Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor
        © Freedom From Religion Foundation. All rights reserved.

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