9 thoughts on “Elliot Page becomes first transgender man featured on Time magazine cover

    • Hello Polly. He says he feels happier now than any other time in his life. He was miserable feeling trapped in a body that did not match with his mind / feelings. But what is incredible is how the far right media has handled this announcement. They have lost their marbles in stunning verbose fashion. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Not sure I understand your comments. If you would like to take the conversation to email that is OK, but you should know you can voice your opinion freely. I may disagree, I will argue, I will push back with the science if I disagree, However I do not insist people agree with me, just that they honor the science. Polly doesn’t agree with transgenderism, and she is entitle to her opinion, but we have argued on the facts before. Nothing wrong with the discussion / conversation, it is how people learn. Hugs


  • I do not understand the biology nor the psychology involved here. At one time I was adamantly opposed to such notions as a woman in a man’s body. But later, I have had to consider what emotional warfare is involved. Having read and heard of so many situations in which a person would rather die than try to live on in the wrong body, I’m convinced there is more going on than a young person confused about their biology.

    I don’t think anybody has ever decided on a whim to become Gay or Lesbian, to have a sexual reorientation operation, or to have an abortion. It is because of religion and the teaching of artificial mores that we have so much trouble allowing other people to make the choices necessary in their lives.

    Okay, Na, I will say no more.

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” ~ Alexander Pope

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    • Hello Cagjr. Never fear to have a discussion or conversation here, it is how we all learn. I admit there are aspects to gender dysphoria I do not quite understand, but I have watched and read up on it enough to know it is real, it is not the boogieman it is made out to be, and it is serious as you mention. I know how frustrating it was growing up with same sex attraction hearing everyone saying it was wrong, abomination of god, that it was things it was not like pedophilia, that people who were such were drugged out mental cases, and so much more. I knew I was not those things and it was really hard to wrap my head around the issues and I still fought the issues that were installed in me from that for decades into my adulthood. It is hard to like your self, to accept who you are when you are the villain in every story and the butt of every joke you hear. I would have thought that we as a people in this country would have outgrown that. If you are interested in the science I watch a transgender young woman who finally accepted themselves, and I watch several others from straight single to straight polly who talk about it. If people want I can add links. Hugs


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