Multiple State Bills Would Grant Churches “Blanket Immunity” from All Wrongdoing

Multiple State Bills Would Grant Churches “Blanket Immunity” from All Wrongdoing

Republicans want churches to be able to hurt people without consequences.Friendly Atheist

We’ve already seen a couple of states attempt to pass laws that would grant churches immunity during the next pandemic. They want to be treated like grocery stores — essential places permitted to remain open to large crowds regardless of future virus threats — despite the fact that churches usually involves speaking to and singing with each other, lingering in place for large blocks of time, and there are perfectly fine alternatives available to in-person worship.



But according to Heather L. Weaver of the ACLU, the bills proposed in places like Arizona, South Carolina, and Montana are even worse than that. Those states could allow religious organizations to be immune from everything as long as they’re exercising their faith in some way.

For example, passing the bills would mean that:

  • Religious organizations in that state could claim immunity from criminal prosecution and civil liability for the sexual abuse or physical harm of children in connection with religious activities or rituals;
  • Religious organizations could be shielded from the consequences of violating state nondiscrimination laws that conflict with their religious beliefs;
  • Religiously motivated hate groups could avoid prosecution for criminal activities associated with exercising their beliefs; and
  • Patients at religious hospitals could be unable to sue for medically negligent or reckless care that was provided based on the hospital’s religious beliefs.

Weaver says these bills could also shield churches from having to obey local fire codes. The way the bills are worded, churches wouldn’t have to obey any rules whatsoever if they were in the process of practicing their faith… which is an excuse that could theoretically apply to everything.

If the rules don’t apply to everybody, equally, then there’s no reason to bother with them at all. But the kind of religious groups backing these bills don’t want equality. They want special treatment. And their special treatment could involve putting people in literal danger.

… bills like HB 2648 in ArizonaHB 3105 in South Carolina, and SB 172 in Montana take the matter to whole new, never-before-seen level. While the bills do have language relating to the ability of religious organizations to operate during emergency disasters, tucked into them are provisions that would allow religious organizations to make broad claims of civil and criminal immunity, both during a public emergency and, arguably, in non-emergency contexts as well.

If you live in those states, please contact your representatives and urge them to vote against these bills. Churches shouldn’t be allowed to hurt people in the name of faith. It’s telling that advocates for these bills claim they just want churches treated like other essential locations (even though they’re not) while they’re privately pushing for selective treatment that could put other people in harm’s way while removing any sense of responsibility from the religious institutions.

8 thoughts on “Multiple State Bills Would Grant Churches “Blanket Immunity” from All Wrongdoing

    • Hello Nan. Yes today I am feeling rather well, so visited a site I have not been in a while. I guess bigotry doesn’t take a holiday does it? Nan why do religious people equate their salvation to preventing other people from doing things? I would think that they would only have charge over what they are doing, and that their god would investigate that. But then I remember that in their mind Jesus came to pay for their sins, so instead of them paying for their own actions someone else does. By extension rather than pay for their own actions by gods they are not going to possibly have to pay for some other slacker doing the big no! Better to make every one do as they think the big judge wants all to do than have to have any stinking secondary sin on them. Have I mentioned how much I dislike these type of religious people? I am waiting for the regular loving accepting Christians to take on and refute the hating militant Christians. I think I will have a long wait. Hugs

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      • The thing that Christians FAIL TO LEARN is that by trying to run the lives of other people (sinners!), they are doing absolutely nothing to promote their cause!

        If they would simply be EXAMPLES of the Loving God they claim exists, they would do far, far better winning converts. But noooo. They have to ram THEIR personal beliefs down the throats of others via laws and street preaching and TV and tracts and blogs and social media (and “subtle” hints as in the video you shared).

        And if anyone tries to stop them! OMG! They’re nothing but devil-worshippers!

        It’s sick crowd, Scottie. A very sick crowd.

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    • Hello Polly. These people think that all they have to do is ask their sky daddy to forgive them anything they do, and he does. It is a complete get out of hell free card. Makes me wonder what kind of people their god wants to be worshiping him. Hugs

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