Income inequality stops progress


Tax the rich. We have seen the destruction and obstruction that not taxing the rich creates.

Income inequality stops progress.





Respect labor & worker solidarity. Join a union.





Vlad Putin leads the Republican Party. He funds them, he controls their temper and narratives.







Get rid of the Senate filibuster. Bills originate in the House. We need to pass bills that Democrats write so a Democratic President can sign.





Georgia priorities increase violence, attack voting rights. This is white supremacy as policy.


7 thoughts on “Income inequality stops progress

    • Hello Nan. That Biden is willing to try to jog up stairs at his age shows he is not so afraid of failing that he refuses to try. tRump was concerned with how he looked, how he was perceived that he wouldn’t attempt anything he was not sure he could come out looking good at. Biden doesn’t care about that it seems. Hugs


  • Thomas P., J.K. Galbraith, Sir John Maynard Keynes and a whole host of other economists over the years have been saying the same thing, if only the US and UK would listen.
    Oh, wait, at Bretton Woods (in 1944), the US dismissed Keynes ideas, and it’s been shaping this way ever since.

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    • Hello Shira. I have long been in favor of part of Keynesian economics, but in the current case it is not reducing taxes we need, but increasing them on the wealthy. Sadly the economic situation of the US has gotten so out of whack that none of them ( this group of economists from that time frame ) could have foreseen all the give backs to the wealthy that has happened in just the last 20 years. I keep saying that if people in the US would only look at the lifestyle and advantages held by people in other developed countries they would be stunned at how regressive their life is in our country. Really the wealthy have poisoned the waters by convincing all the right that the US is #1 in all things, the best democracy, the best economy, the strongest and the most correct, loved by god it self. So no one who is a patriot would ever look to another country to see how to do things, right? Hugs

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      • Exactly! If every American could talk with Europeans and learn how life in in the EU countries, especially northern Europe, and why, that would make a big difference. That’s why I joined and hosted for SERVAS, and BeWelcome, but I think that the ability to travel is very restricted in the US, so other ways of educating kids need to be used, like online travel and language learning. But we need to change this idea that we know everything, first.
        Education for empathy, no?

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