Welcoming A Crisis



Fox News and other assorted devious evil fuckers are spreading lies about immigrants crashing our southern border while carrying the coronavirus because Joe Biden invited them. They did something similar to this in 2018 when they screamed about migrant caravans being funded by George Soros. That was a hat trick for Republicans because it was a lie, anti-Semitic, and racist.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s do it.

President Joe Biden did NOT invite immigrants to come here illegally. He didn’t even invite refugees to come to our border and legally request amnesty. Despite what Republicans and other idiots are saying, those are the facts.

Speaking of facts, it is legal to come to our border and request amnesty. What Donald Trump did was bar people from being able to request amnesty and stay in our country while waiting on a hearing. So, Donald Trump forced very desperate…

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2 thoughts on “Welcoming A Crisis

  • Scottie, I think as many folks as possible need to write Republican leaders and say something like the following. “We have too many important issues that need dealing with to have a major political party become a party of conspiracy, lies and fear. In other words, we need the Republican party to be better than its current ‘make shit up modus operandi.’ It starts at the top and trickles down.” Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I think you miss the point. This is not the Republican party you remember. Heck it is not even the Republican party I remember. The conspiracies’ are the point for them now. When you look at which Republicans are popular it is the ones making as many outrageous and untrue statements as possible. It is not Liz Cheney, it is Margorie Greene. It is Ron Johnson and Tom Cotton and Paul Rand. As the Republican party contracted it shrank to the older white population and a younger conspiracy in your Facebook / far right media emotional outrage group. These groups are far too important for a Republican to get elected for any phone call to make a difference. IMO. You are correct Keith, we do need the old Republicans that use to exist to help heal these problems, we need them to help pull the ropes to get the ship of state to safe harbor. But not one would vote for the rescue package, because it is being done under a Democratic administration. That is not principle, it is simply obstructing. The Democrats helped pass the tRump Covid packages put forward by Republicans because while it gave businesses almost everything it also helped some of the people. But when that was reversed and the rescue bill from the Democrats helped the people and small business but it gave very little to big businesses and so not one Republican would support it. That is damning. It should be on every Democratic candidates web site and attack adverts. Hugs


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