Oath Keeper Who Stormed Capitol Is Struggling to Cope Because He’s a ‘Family Man’ with ‘No Previous Experience’ Being Jailed, Lawyers Claim

When you read the article it seems to be the defendant is saying that as a white man with no prior jail time, it is very stressful for him to be jailed. It is not like it is stressful to be jailed for non-white males is what he is implying. Racist much? Oh I remember, yes they are a very racist group. Hugs

Oath Keeper Who Stormed Capitol Is Struggling to Cope Because He’s a ‘Family Man’ with ‘No Previous Experience’ Being Jailed, Lawyers Claim

A Florida man and member of the “Oath Keeper” militia organization who was charged with coordinating a military-style attack on the U.S. Capitol aimed at overthrowing the federal government is asking a federal judge to reconsider a ruling that will keep him in jail until the start of his criminal trial.

Graydon Young, 54, was denied bond last month by U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson after claiming that he was “duped” into participating in an insurrection with the extremist para-military group. He insisted that he was “unaware of the organization’s nefarious purpose when he joined” and claiming his role in Jan. 6 was “limited.”

In the Second Superseding Indictment filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., the government alleged that on Jan. 6, Young and nine other members of the Oath Keepers “planned with each other, and with others known and unknown, to forcibly enter the Capitol” in order to “stop, delay, and hinder the Congressional proceedings occurring that day.”

The group, which includes Kelly Meggs, Connie Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Thomas Caldwell, Donovan Crowl, Jessica Watkins, Sandra Parker, Bennie Parker, and Laura Steele, are alleged to have “prepared themselves for battle before heading to the Capitol by equipping themselves with communication devices and donning reinforced vests, helmets, and goggles.” They were charged with conspiracy, obstructing official government proceedings, destruction of government property, and trespassing.

Young, who served in the U.S. Navy Reserve for seven years, was also charged with the corrupt destruction of evidence for deleting his Facebook account in the days following the Capitol siege.

Lawyer for Young filed a motion on Monday seeking to have the initial bond ruling vacated, arguing that the Government lacked sufficient evidence to hold Young on the charges. They cited to his “strong character” and the “psychological burdens” Young has endured as a result of his first-ever jailing as reasons why he should be released.

“The psychological burdens of being detained pending trial are very real for Mr. Young. Since he has no previous experience with the criminal justice system, being detained is taking an extremely high toll on his mental well-being,” the motion stated. “Prior to being detained, Mr. Young was a mentally strong and stable person with no history of mental disorders. His current emotional and psychological state is owing entirely to the fact that he has been detained and is unable to rely upon his normal social support systems. Because he is such a strong family man, locking him up away from his wife and children with the prospect of an extremely long period of time before trial is even scheduled is causing potentially irreparable psychological and emotional damage to Mr. Young.”

Young’s attorneys also claimed that deleting his Facebook page—where he posted photos and videos of the siege—did not amount to obstruction of justice because he was unaware that the FBI had opened an active investigation into him personally.

“The Government alleged in the Complaint Mr. Young removed his Facebook account January 7, 2021 – well before Mr. Young was aware of any investigation centered on him, and well before he received notice that a warrant for his arrest had issued on February 15, 2021,” read the motion. “He is a person who protects and helps vulnerable people; not a person who attacks, destroys, and injures, as the United States would have the Court believe. Because the United States cannot point to any concrete evidence indicating Mr. Young poses a danger to any person or the community, there are conditions that can be fashioned, if the Court finds them necessary, to assure the safety of any other person and the community.”

Read the full motion below:

Graydon Young Bond Motion by Law&Crime on Scribd

26 thoughts on “Oath Keeper Who Stormed Capitol Is Struggling to Cope Because He’s a ‘Family Man’ with ‘No Previous Experience’ Being Jailed, Lawyers Claim

    • Hello Polly. Short and sweet. You do not feel sympathy for him. But Polly, let me ask you if we should address how bad the jails / prisons are in the US, or just dismiss this guy for his over the top privilege thinking because jail is so bad he, a white married CIS male possibly Christian should not be in that position? In that I agree with you. However I have often posted against the incarceration / prison’s in the US. The fact that prison rape jokes are common on LGBTQ+ web sites is stunning. As a person of both sexual and physical abuse as a child, I cringe and suffer every time a person makes a rape in prison joke. I know you suffered abuse as well, and I think you can also understand the need for reforms in the US penal / justice system. I look to countries like Norway and the other European countries who put rehabilitation and reintegration far before punishment in their prison systems. It works and their recidivism rates are so much lower. We in the US need to quickly see what other countries do that make things better. Hugs


    • Hello ospreyshire. What do you want to bet that this guy is a no excuses when others are challenging their arrests / imprisonment? This guy runs in the same circles as the people that claim those that complain are snowflakes. Yet he really thinks only those others are snowflakes, not him. I give up on these people. I would love a 60 minute real interview with him about why he is allowed to whine and the others are not? Why is he so innocent and others not. Why has he not been against the penal situation until it was him. Hope all is well with you. I enjoy hearing from you. In that vein, I know you have a lot of personal things you could say about this guy’s assumed privilege’s Hugs

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      • I’m sure he would feel that way. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he thought everyone who didn’t think like him was a snowflake. Very good questions even though his answers would be obvious. Thank you, Scottie. I’m doing my best to be well even during these crazy times. Yeah, I certainly have strong feelings about his privilege.

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    • Hello Cornelia. How much do you want to bet that this guy thinks everyone else deserves their arrest, yet he doesn’t? I doubt this guy can learn much with out blaming others, and especially another race.


    • Hello Nan. I agree. What bothers me is this unpleasantness seems good enough to him and his lawyer to vacate his own transgressions but he doesn’t seem concerned with other people in the same situation.

      That is pure privilege. White male possibly Christian privilege. I am OK to do what I did, but others are bad people is what I took from the article. Hugs

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    • Hello Paul. Ouch, I love it. Sadly I think in his mind the others belong there, but not him and his kind. I wish the news people would drill down on that, but I doubt they will. How have you been? Hope all is well for you and your family! Hugs

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      • Thanks Scottie, Yah, I’ve been down for the past few weeks or so…nothing serious, just can’t the energy up. But I’m trying to keep busy outside doing yard work and such, which helps. I get my second virus shot next week, March 31. Maybe being bullet proof I’ll feel better! Thank you so much for asking, and I hope you’re feeling better yourself

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      • I did post to Nan’s blog, Scottie, but I could not improve on your comment.
        I had to look up the ‘crying Nazi.’ Funny. A big man while he is among his cohorts, but cut from the crowd, he wilts. This is true with all such gangs of adolescents: their strength and their danger to society are in the mob mentality.

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  • Oh, I’m feeling so bad for this man. NOT!

    Shackle the mf’er to the damn wall and let him cry there. The fact that he thought he disposed of evidence, that might cause him problems, tells me all I need to know.

    I have no sympathy for any of them. I highly doubt the justice that needs to be dealt here, will be met, when it’s all said and done. Probably a lot of wrist slapping for the insurrectionists. I’m already peeved about it and it hasn’t happened yet.

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      • Hello Nan. OT. Not sure what is going on but I have started sleeping a lot again. Basically two or three days now all I can do is sleep, get up, eat, go lay down again. I just ate and now back to bed. Not even coffee is helping. Hugs


          • Hello Nan. Yes a couple. But I think they are on the wrong track. The specialist they sent me to thinks it is a sleep issue, but I have been keeping track and I think it is due to blood sugar. Earlier I was trying to sit at the computer and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I laid down, got woken up, got up and now getting a bit tired. I wonder how long it will last. But last weekend or so I was fully awake and doing great. I seemed to be on a two day awake as normal and a one day sleep. But then the last couple days I have slept. For example I spent most of yesterday in bed. I got up at 5 Am. Did my roundup and at 9 AM went back to bed until 12 noon. I was up until about 1:30, went back to bed until about 3:30, got up and still up. I wonder how long? Eve now I feel worn and droopy. Hugs


            • Is there a chance you “overdid” it during the awake days? Also, I was just reading that symptoms of low blood sugar are:
              An irregular or fast heartbeat
              Pale skin
              Tingling or numbness of the lips, tongue or cheek

              No mention of sleepiness. Fatigue, yes, but not sleepiness.

              Of course I’m most definitely not a medical specialist, plus I’ve never experienced any kind of diabetic symptoms so essentially … what do I know? I’m just passing on things for you to think about.

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              • Hello Nan. There is always the chance I over did. Yes I have had the symptoms of blood sugar crash before you mention like shakiness, sweating, irritability, nausea, and those I recognize. But as you say the fatigue I am feeling is not one of them. Right now over the last 20 minutes I feel so heavy, so tired. I can barely function or think. It is like I am running on batteries and they have gotten very low again, there is simply not enough charge to keep me going. Yes that is how it feels, I start out well charged, go to a lower energy state, start shutting things down due to low power / energy and then finally crashing to a stop. I just realized my secondary computer has stopped playing the news video I had playing on it, and I do not remember it nor when it stopped. It is 6:40 at night and I want to go to bed. Oh well. Wish my doctors were as helpful as you. I will say things got a lot better when Ron had me go back to taking my allergy medication. That changed me from sleeping and feeling sick all the time to more like I am now. Hugs


                • Check out this link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20360490

                  And this: https://www.drugs.com/health-guide/chronic-fatigue-syndrome.html

                  A little research indicates that what you’re experiencing could possibly have been caused by “physical or psychological trauma” — which makes me ask: do you think that Ron losing his job … AND income … could have played a role? Can you backtrack to when your symptoms started?

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                  • Hello Nan. Thank you for the links. I printed it off and gave them to Ron and he says that really sounds like what I have. I have all but one of the symptoms. I will mention it to the doctor. This started last summer. Both Ron and I had flu / cold symptoms. Ron had a cough which I did not have. Ron’s doctor had him tested for Covid, but he was negative, so my doctor did not have me tested. Now we know a lot of the negative tests were false. Maybe Ron’s job loss and the income stress had something to do with it. I recently went back to taking my allergy medications and while I do feel better I still have the fatigue, dizziness, sore throat, and other symptoms. Today I again slept most of the day. I am going to try to stay awake long enough to answer all the comments. Hugs

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    • Hello Shelldigger. Man all I want to do is sleep again. But yes I have been reading about all the rioters / maskless assholes who got arrest that now think they should just be let off. All are white of course. Hey they don’t need that whole court thing, just release them now and they will be on their way. I am looking forward to the eye opening sentencing. The judge for the Shaman rioter read him the riot act itself for his 60 minutes interview in which he dissed the judge and the case. That was not a really smart move. Hugs


      • You know, one of the first signs of the ‘rona, is sleeping a lot. Let it not be so 🙂

        I hope they all manage to rub their judges the wrong way. Mr shaman aint the brightest bulb in the variety pack apparently.

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