18 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The big lie is that everyone is equal under the law.

  • Scottie, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. Not blogging much now, but this one really caught my attention.
    Have you made any ice cream lately? I made some last night that I tried this morning for breakfast. Not bad at all!

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    • Hello Angela. Thank you. No I have not made ice cream in a long time. We were making double batches of both Chocolate and Vanilla. But I have been so tired I can not stay up long enough to make a dessert. I hope in the next few days to make something. What flavor did you make? Hugs

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        • Hello Angela. I love the way the homemade ice cream melts in your mouth. Ron bought a store brand of ice cream because we were not ready to make some. I hated it. it tasted cloying to me. I will soon be making our own. I already have the ice set aside in the freezer for it. This next time I am going to put M&M’s in the ice cream before I freeze it. Hugs

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          • Hi Scottie. I made more ice cream two nights ago to use up the rest of the half n half. It tastes like the old dreamsickles. If you like that taste, try adding some Tang to your milk with a little bit of honey and a half tbsp.. of vanilla. YUMMY in my tummy!
            Many hugs!

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            • Hello Angela. I never thought of that, I will suggest a few things like orange extract added to vanilla to Ron. Ron bought the heavy cream and half and half to make some more ice cream, but I have not felt up to it. I was going to try to do it today. But I think I will do it tomorrow after I get my first vaccine shot. Ron is making ham, baked potato, gravy, salad, and corn for Easter Dinner. I really hope you have a great meal today. Best wishes. Hugs

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              • Hi Scottie, I love your menu, although I’m taking a series of steroids right now to clear up my sinuses and have lost my appetite for almost everything. I did eat a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich today, but for the most part just don’t feel hungry. Good luck with your vaccine shot. Mine did great I guess, since I never had but about 30 minutes of discomfort a day after the second one. Just slight nausea that vanished almost as suddenly as it came, Good luck with your ice cream.. I’ve used orange extract before also, It didn’t have quite the impact the Tang had though. Hugs!

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              • Does he like orange flavored? I love my Tang and honey recipe. It’s close to the old dream sickles that I still try to find. Not that fond of the bought ice cream any more, but I think I could eat M&M’s in anything! Hugs.

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                • Hello Angela. Also do you use a lot of honey or a little? We use sugar in with the recipe now so I would have to cut the sugar back I think if I added honey. Hugs


                  • Oh gee, Scottie. I’m old. I learned to cook by the handful kind of measurement. I made about one quart of the icecream because that is the amount of half n half I had left. Used about 1/2 cup of honey, and yes, cut back on the sugar by at least that much. I usually taste it to check for sweetness, but keep in mind it will taste sweeter before it is churned. As for the Tang, I began with half a cup, wanted it tangier, so added by the tablespoon until I liked the taste. I’ll have to see if I can’t make old time country cooks out of you and Ron. Of course you both probably have larger palms than mine, so my palmful would be less than yours. The best bet is the taste test, just a small taste will let you know when it’s right. Especially since we all have different taste buds and have to cater to them. Let me know how it turns out. Hugs!

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                    • Hello Angela. I love it. Thank you. I also cook by feel and never remember everything I put into a sauce or coat meat with. Ron tastes as he cooks but I tend not to, instead I let him taste, I am more by smell. As for the ice cream, you deserve so much credit for introducing us to home made ice cream and we really love it. Ron recently bought a store container and we both liked our much better. However Angela, this last batch where we made two vanilla and one chocolate was too much for me. At the end of the third batch I had reached my end, my back was in spasm, I couldn’t breathe correctly and I was in tears. Ron had gotten a box of ice cream salt and it was everywhere. The building up of ice in bags and the entire thing was just too much. So Ron decided we need to get a new machine that doesn’t require ice or salt. A big canister machine where I can just put the ingredients in and Ron can put the ice cream in containers when it is done. I know some say the ice / salt makes the ice cream better, but I cannot do it. If you have suggestions on a machine I would love to hear them. Hugs

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                    • I have two small ones that hold a pint each. Not sure of the brand since it has come off over the years, but I use them together when I’m too tired to think about ice and salt. Personally, I don’t taste a difference between the two kinds because I use the same mixture of milk, cream, sugar, honey at times, maple syrup at times, just whatever I decide to put in it. I also have a one gallon electric maker that has to have the ice and salt. It takes longer to make and I’m with you on that back ache thing. It takes longer to use the big one so I might just leave it behind when I move. I’m looking at some larger ones that you put the bucket in the freezer so you don’t need ice and salt and they are looking much better to me than the small ones. Mine are beginning to heat up when I use them now, so I have a feeling they are about to give up the ghost. Of course, I paid about $15 for them, and I know it was 7 or 8 years ago. They have lasted a long time for all the use they are getting, I might give the gallon one to my son if he helps me move.

                      speaking of, I heard from one of the places I like the most and next month they will have several openings, ground floor, washer and dryer in the unit, concrete sidewalk surrounding so I’ll just have to get a movable ramp to get in and out okay. Close to a walking/biking trail through some of the prettiest area around, not too far from the river. Now if I can just afford it — have to pay utilities there, but I’m pretty sure I can swing it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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