Far-Right Rioter ‘Baked Alaska’ Asks to Ditch Ankle Monitor: I’m a Christian Who Loves Cops


A right-wing video blogger accused of calling a cop a “fucking oath breaker” and “piece of shit” while he stormed the Capitol in January wants a federal judge to remove his court-mandated GPS monitor—insisting he loves law enforcement and has led an “exemplary life” with a “Christian upbringing.”

Anthime Joseph Gionet, the far-right activist better known as “Baked Alaska,” was charged in January with violent entry and disorderly conduct after he allegedly livestreamed himself attacking the Capitol. Prosecutors state that during the livestream, Gionet said “1776 baby” and insisted he’s not “leaving this bitch” before accusing a police officer of shoving him.

“You’re a fucking oath breaker you piece of shit,” Gionet allegedly said, before shouting “fuck you” at the officer at least four times. “You broke your oath to the constitution.”

But in a Friday motion to modify the conditions of his release ahead of his trial, Gionet’s lawyers insist the prominent Trump ally “has no criminal record” and only entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 as a “journalist.” Citing his “Christian upbringing” and schooling in a “private Christian” institution, the motion adds that “Mr. Gionet does not come from a background of violence and disdain for law enforcement” and should be allowed to wait for his trial without a GPS monitor.

“Mr. Gionet made a music video several years back called ‘We Love the Cops.’ The video has been viewed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times on youtube,” the motion argues.

“To be sure there were heinous acts that took place on that day. However, on this occasion for Mr. Gionet, the film he took will show that not only did he not engage in violence or tearing down of barriers or breaking of windows or objects within and around the capitol [sic], but he can be heard repeatedly telling others not to break or vandalize anything inside the capitol. He can be seen fist bumping officers. When he was told to leave, he left,” the motion adds.

Prosecutors, however, have argued that Gionet was aggressive toward officers trying to contain the sea of MAGA supporters that stormed the Capitol. According to a criminal complaint, Gionet—who tested positive for COVID-19 just days before the riot and is currently facing unrelated charges for allegedly pepper-spraying a bouncer last year—traveled to the nation’s capital in January for the “Stop The Steal” events.

As thousands of rioters breached the Capitol, Gionet, a former BuzzFeed employee turned far-right pro-Trump activist, livestreamed himself at the event on DLive, which has since removed the 27-minute video.

“Unleash the Kraken, let’s go,” Gionet is heard saying in the video, according to the complaint. “America First is inevitable. Fuck Globalists, let’s go!”

At one point, Gionet filmed himself entering an office, picking up a telephone, and acting out a “purported phone call with the United States Senate personnel.”

Later in the video, he entered another office, sat on a couch, and placed his feet on a table before encouraging others not to break anything. When law enforcement officers ask him to leave, Gionet identified himself as a member of the “media” before accusing an officer of shoving him. But “no shoving can be seen in the video,” the complaint states.

After screaming at the officer, Gionet left the Capitol.

11 thoughts on “Far-Right Rioter ‘Baked Alaska’ Asks to Ditch Ankle Monitor: I’m a Christian Who Loves Cops

  • Oh yeah! Amazing how these innocent, Christ-loving, mom and apple pie type of guys who would never, ever participate in such a melee are clearly seen in the videos hitting police, breaking windows, tearing up offices, and yelling “FU__ you!” at the top of their lungs. (Must have been a case of mistaken identity, for sure.)

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    • Hello Nan. The one thing tRump did for the Republican party was to remove the last strictures on out right bold in your face lies that are easily disproved with video / audio proving they are lies. Republican elected officials now openly lie, then lie about lying, and go on TV promoting the lies about the lies. It is stunning to me. I get so angry watching videos of these people. Also look at the open racism now of Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz among others. Open racism against POC voting or immigrating to the US. No dog whistles mostly and no hidden code words, just openly admitting what they are trying to stop and promote, a Christain white males in charge having rights only culture, where women are subservient to the males, that POC know their lower place in life, and LGBTQ+ were hidden and never seen. Hugs


  • Scottie – I’ve got some seriously bad news, and I emailed you about it a month ago, but I guess it slipped by you.
    On Feb 25th, my cardiologist placed me into Hospice Care, which means they figure I have 6 mos or less to live.
    As I am a member of Kaiser, living in CA, I am able to invoke the “Dr’s. Aid in Dying,” and have started the process.
    My condition plummeted so precipitously, and so rapidly, it kinda caught us all by surprise, although my body has been telling me this was approaching.

    It has been more than just a pleasure, meeting you and following your blog, and I have truly valued our friendship as something extraordinary, serendipitous, and it’s made me a better person to have had your input as a gay person.

    I want to thank you again for your generous donation back when I bought my E-bike; I enjoyed hours of bliss, riding that beast. It’s becoming more & more difficult to type, as I’m experiencing severe cramps and spasms similar to Carpal Tunnel, so I won’t be typing much any longer. But if you’d like to call me, my # is:707-481-7537, as I would really enjoy saying my final goodbyes to you and everyone else I can connect with. There’s not really a “best time” to call me, but I’m more coherent in the afternoons.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    • Dennis, first let me say that Scottie pretty much never reads his emails unless he knows ahead of time that someone has sent one to him (via a blog comment), so he probably missed yours.

      Secondly, although you and I have never met, in the blog world we’ve become friends — and I’m so very, very sorry to hear about your condition. Quite frankly, it brought tears to my eyes. While we know we aren’t going to be on this earth forever, we all hope to make it as long as possible. Unfortunately for some of us, the time gets cut short.

      Sending warm wishes and solace to you,
      ~Nan ❤

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    • Hello Dennis. I am sorry to hear this. I have been struggling this entire week with fatigue and was about to go off to bed when I seen a comment pop up from Nan asking if I had caught your comments. I will call you tomorrow ( Sunday afternoon ) . I wish I felt up to it today but I am barely able to function I am so tired.

      Dennis thank you for all you have offered to me and the rest of us on my Toy Box. As for the E-Bike I am really glad you got to enjoy it. Ron and I were glad to be able to help you get it.

      Again Dennis I will call you tomorrow. I am sorry I missed your email, and will set a search for it now to read in the morning. Rest easy my friend, you have made many peoples lives better, and I am better for having known you. Hugs

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  • Thank you Nan. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, and I was kinda hesitant about laying this out there for others to read, but I just got to the point where the pain & suffering became overwhelming, and the only way they could give
    me sufficient painkillers was to put me into Hospice.
    And when my “Quality of Life” dropped. to zero, then so did my will to go on living, and that’s what the PAID Act is all about, and imagine this: I’ll get to attend my own wake, and I’ll soon know the exact day of my death, and I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted, and soon I will get to lay the rest of my burden down.

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    • Hello Dennis. I am not sure how much you want to share online, but you are welcome to share here as much as you are comfortable with. Most people do not know about your fall and how that affected you. When I was working in healthcare a fall by an older person was considered a life-threatening event. If you want to share that and how it changed your life you are very welcome to do so. Best wishes, and always hugs

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  • Oh, Dennis, I’m so very sorry to read this. I’d been missing you, but you know how it goes; I thought you’d show back up. I intend to give you a call tomorrow afternoon, just because you’ve been so hospitable to me whenever we’ve shared a comments thread. Here’s to your peace and comfort in the meantime. 💖✨🎶😔🌟

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  • Thank you, Ali. I had such a peasant conversation with Scottie earlier today, and we’ve arranged to stay in touch, and even do some video-calls in the future. I was so successful at isolating that the Virus didn’t get me, but it did put me in me in a bad head space, once the reality of it all caught up to me. Fortunately, my Hospice Care Team includes LCSWs and other counselors, and they’re so skilled at this that their response to my latest crisis was instantaneous, and so comprehensive that it was unbelievable.
    And all of this is covered by my Medicare/MediCal coverage, and they even arranged a grant of $1500 for additional in-home care with an agency that specializes in this also.
    Never in my life have I been so rich, until I got this this poor. Two thumbs up for this part of the Health-Care System, one for CA and one for Obamacare, and our new preznit.

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