Tennessee bill would prohibit textbooks with LGBTQ+ content


A bill in the Tennessee legislature would prohibit the state from approving textbooks and instructional materials that contain LGBTQ+ content.

The bill, H.B. 0800, was introduced by Representative Bruce Griffey (R – District 75) and will be considered by the Education Instruction Subcommittee on March 30.


It says that public schools should focus on teaching subjects like reading, science and mathematics. It also says that LGBTQ+ content is inappropriate for the classroom and that it can offend a significant portion of school communities that have Christian values.

The bill goes on to suggest that LGBTQ+ issues should be treated with the same restrictions as religious teaching in public schools.

“LEAs (local education agencies) and public charter schools shall not locally adopt or use in the public schools of this state, textbooks and instructional materials or supplemental instructional materials that promote, normalize, support, or address lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender issues or lifestyle,” the bill says.

If passed, it would go into effect July 1 and apply to the 2021 – 2022 school year.

26 thoughts on “Tennessee bill would prohibit textbooks with LGBTQ+ content

  • “… it can offend a significant portion of school communities that have Christian values.”

    So there you have it. If it is offensive to Christians then it can not be in a textbook, or anywhere else if they can prevent it.

    So that just makes it doubly offensive to the rest of us. These people operate under the false notion that Sky Daddy rules apply to all of society. They harbor and protect sex offenders and have the audacity to find offense in law abiding citizens because.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes what you say is really true. I posted about how the evangelicals are fund raising in support of the voter suppression laws / the Republicans. The fact is they got use to special privileges again, having their members in high government positions making the rules, and they really do not want to give that up. But yes they seem to assume what offends them should be banned for everyone and their church doctrines needs to be the rules everywhere. Just look at Utah passing a law that requires phone manufactures to include a mandatory porn blocker. Yet they are all for unregulated gun sales. Hugs

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      • I might also add that there have been book burnings in this country in the past in retaliation for Hitler burning books in Germany! And a few years ago some places were teaching that the Holocaust was a hoax! People have been trying to spread misinformation through the schools for as long as I can remember, and for eons before I was born. It just goes with the territory I guess.

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        • The schools are a good place to indoctrinate the public in any type of bad propaganda, religious and otherwise. We need to keep our schools secular and free of political interference.

          Book burnings are attempts by authoritarian regimes to cut off any opposing views. The church has been one of the worst offenders in this.

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        • Hello Angela. Very true! Every school year I read about the attempts to ban certain books. The entire Harry Potter series was thought to be pushing witchcraft. And even the left wants to ban books, any that have old time ideas. I am not for banning things, I am for regulating how they are disseminated. For example, I have nothing about negative nudity, but I do not want playboy / playgirl in school libraries. I have no trouble with the bible in the school library and the teaching of books that have bigotry / racism as long as it is explained and shown how it is wrong. But there maybe issues I have not fully understood. Hugs


  • Well, what can I say? Being a Christian and a Catholic one at that, all I can add is that at times God offends Christians. Especially if it’s not the same kind of God they decide to worship. But as far as the above comment goes, we haven’t been allowed to put a manger scene up in public for several years, on the basis of one person’s law suit to abolish God in favor of atheism. Nobody wins. But on the other hand, since God never makes mistakes, how can anyone condemn the LBGTQ society who didn’t exactly choose this life in the first place, but were created by my God who has never made a mistake– with the possible exception of giving us free will. But I also realize without free will we would all be moving around like robots or puppets on a string. Probably we would be better off if politicians stopped trying to legislate how we act, speak or live.

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    • As a recovering Christian, I will point out that what is passing for Christianity today cannot be approved of through scripture. The title they prefer is “Christian Nationalists” and “Christian Dominionists.” By their standards, few churches measure up to their standards. They support white supremacy, abandoning the constitution and using ‘the laws of God’ as our governing authority.
      As for manger scenes being displayed in public, that only applies to public (municipal) property. But just to be reasonable, religious displays should be in or on the property of that religious group. The display was probably opposed by many more than the one who complained, but it is necessary for one person to file suit against the offending public authority displaying the Nativity scene. What would the Christian complaint be if it were an illuminated Torah scroll or the Quran? Such complaints are usually made by a secular group with efficient lawyers. Their objective is not to abolish God, but to see that His worshippers keep Him in His proper place.

      I’m glad you recognize that God offends some people, even His own. It is not the non-believers who are destroying Christianity, but those people such as the legislator from Tennessee who thinks their interpretation of ‘the word of God’ should be the basis for our laws. We are not a theocracy and our nation was not founded on any religion.

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    • Hello Angela. There is nothing wrong with having personal faith or believing in god(s), the point of crossing the line being when it is forced on others. For example I am gay and that is fine, but I do not have the right to make anyone else have same gender sex or live in a same sex relationship. That would be crossing the line.

      There is nothing in the law / constitution that says you cannot put up a manger scene on any private property, including church or business property that are willing to allow it. The restriction is public property / government property because that represents the power of the government which must not be seen to endorse religions or a particular religion. It is a simple concept, and one that doesn’t discriminate. The loss of an illegal privilege is not discrimination nor abolishing god. Think of it from the other side. If the government is supporting or pushing one religion but not others that would be offensive, correct? If the government put up a Hindu religious symbol but refused a Christian one, you wouldn’t like that would you? Sometimes less is more beneficial for everyone.

      When someone talks about abolishing god I think of the Uyghurs in China. They are Muslims who are not allowed to worship their god, not allowed to have any services, no church / temples, no religious books, not allowed to teach their children about the religion. For those still living in their homes they are not allowed to even do it in the privacy of their homes, and they have people that are assigned to live with them to make sure they are not having any religion. However most of them are being rounded up and put in concentration camps, reeducated, tortured, forced to renounce their religious beliefs, and only released when the government is sure they have given up their faith and then they are still monitored and on probation. That is trying to abolish a god / religion.

      As I understand the Christian god’s powers he cannot be destroyed just by not having an illegal public display, can he? After all his symbols are everywhere, especially in small towns. His worshipers are all allowed to wear his death symbol around their necks and on other jewelry? His words are not prohibited on blogs or his book refused to be sold? All that is being asked is his followers try to not constantly force others to live by the doctrines of a church they are not part of.

      Angela I hope you read this reply as part of a conversation we are having and do not think it an attack on either you or on religion. If you want to talk more on the subject that is OK, but if you do not want to talk about the subject I understand. Best wishes. Hugs

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  • Hence the importance of standardizing curricular and text-book information across the country. Or of creating a modern version of FDR’s CCC, that would take all American kids of a certain age or right after high school, and send them to various parts of the country to do civilian service and to learn points of view that they missed during their earlier years.

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    • Hello Shira. I think people learn to appreciate differences between people and areas when they get a chance to live with and around people who are different from them. I think the CCC idea is a great one.

      As for text books I was enraged to find out that all the white washing and changing of US history and biology in Texas meant that those standards are used for textbooks all over the country. Yes because Texas orders so many textbooks that publishers find it more profitable to make one set with those standards and sell that across the nation, than make a set of books for Texas and another set for other states. Hugs

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  • Oh for Pete’s Sake!!! They don’t have a problem shoving religion down children’s throats, but they have a problem including the LGBT community in their curriculum. How asinine! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs

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    • Hello Jill. This is like the bills that got passed and signed into law that made it illegal for teachers to mention the LGBTQ+ even to answer questions from students. They were called the no say gay laws. These people are so in their religious bubble, so use to their religious privilege that they can not see how their pushing their religion is offensive to others ( really who could mind being told about the great loving wonderful all god Jesus ) yet to even have a same sex hinted at couple in a commercial creates the need in them to start a boycott of the product. They demand acceptance of their religion and its doctrines yet ban even the mention of other lifestyles they disagree with. Look at Utah, they passed a law to force phone manufacturers to create and include as the on default porn blockers on all cell phones sold in the state. You would have to call a state agency to get it turned off. That is the biggest issue that the state leaders feel is requiring their attention , porn viewing. So what if you have a different view of porn or nude human bodies, they won’t let you watch it on phones bought in Utah. Lucky the phone companies got them to add a clause to keep it from going into effect until five other states do this, but still the idea really shows where their mind set is. Guns, no problem, stopping voting no problem, discrimination no problem, Covid no problem, and so on … but nude people on your phone touching themselves or others, call out the state police. Hugs

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      • A large portion of this nation have their priorities seriously skewed, my friend. When will humans learn to live and let live, to accept others as they are, not as they think they should be? More and more I’m disgusted with this nation, and with humans in general. Hugs, my dear friend.


  • I don’t think religion or LGBTQXYZBS should be part of the curriculum. I really don’t have a problem with sex education (although I got mine at home before the age of 10 from my mother) but trans ideology is homophobic & the new gay conversion IMHO. What the trans teams is telling kids is child abuse & should not be in schools. I don’t get how anyone who’s gay or lesbian being on board with this. You’re not gay if you’re really the opposite sex WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Kids don’t need to know this. They need to know they are perfect JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. Nobody is born in the wrong body. & nobody is “assigned” their sex at birth … we are born female or male. Wearing the clothes that traditionally the opposite sex wears, doing things that traditionally the opposite sex may do, playing with toys that maybe the opposite sex may prefer does mean you are that opposite sex. KIDS DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS. & apparently, neither do their parents.

    & Big Pharma & greedy doctors are ready to make a bundle on these kids & their idiot parents. WHY put this into the schools? I mean, c’mon already!

    Let kids be kids! Teach them what’s important! How to read & write & to think critically! They’ll figure out their sexuality! LIKE WE DID. Without the help of Big Pharma & the greed of the medical industry.

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    • I was about to reply without ‘liking,’ but I read and re-read your comment. I used to sound the same way. I was indoctrinated from infancy to be racially biased. I knew that white was God’s favorite color, that all others were cursed for one reason or another. The only thing I learned about ‘queers’ and ‘lesbos’ was what I learned on the playgrounds and the streets. It was pretty crude.

      But I have noticed that when I did learn about it in that roundabout way, it didn’t cause me to be Gay or Lesbian. I have heard all the preaching and teaching on the subject, how that public education creates Gays, Lesbians, and Atheists. I have learned that sexual preference is not something that can be turned on and off.

      Let’s let the little boys and girls be little boys and girls. It is their right to be what they are. If Billy Bob prefers a set of play dishes to footballs, it may only mean that he will grow up to be a chef or restauranteur. Or it may mean he is gay. But it is him. Likewise for the little girls. Some girls drive trucks. They need to know they are perfect, just the way they are.

      It took me about sixty years to overcome that ingrained need to be what my little ring of society dictated to me. I could have written your comments a few years ago. The past twenty years have been my best. But there is a thing that bothers me yet; how many people I have hurt who could not tell me how or why they were hurt by me. I can’t undo that.

      Because I disagree with you does not mean I have changed my opinion of you. I still think you should be silverapplequeen.

      LGBTQ+ have been around a lot longer than sex education. Thousands of years longer.

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      • Perhaps I’m “old school,” but your third paragraph pretty much sums up my thinking, cagjr. There will always be individuals who prefer things associated with the opposite sex. Sometimes it goes as deep as their sexual drives (which I can accept), but sometimes it’s just simple preferences in what brings them enjoyment.

        The thing that disturbs me is the way this sexual identification thing has been blown out of proportion. Now we have to have “identifying” titles simply because an individual thinks they should be recognized as a different gender!

        I’m sorry if this offends anyone. We all have our way of looking at life and its many and varied paradigms. Simply because a portion of society has set some identifying standards does not necessarily mean everyone must accept them. And if someone isn’t sure what I mean, Christianity and its “forced control” of others is a fine example

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        • Hello Nan. As I mentioned to Polly gender is not sex. Gender is a societal concept of how males / females should behave. It changes due to society and even community. Biological sex is what the people find between the baby’s legs at birth but as we know now can be many different things including intersex of different modes.

          Science has blown apart the idea of male / female but of course religions that make money off this, or even worse regulate female genders to a lower station in life cannot allow this to stand. The misogynist in charge of so many religions / businesses can just not accept that gender is fluid or their reason to feel superior is destroyed.

          I knew a man I really admired in most other respects who simply couldn’t accept that a female was equal to a male. He was smart and accomplished, was not a bigot as far as Ron and I were concern, but he was sure that females shouldn’t be in charge, that they shouldn’t be in the military, that they were emotionally unfit to lead and so much more garbage. When I pointed out that I knew females in the military much more capable than me he dismissed that as because I was gay. I never got around to asking him about female leaders in other countries. In his personal life he maintained control over his wife and their joint money which he felt was his and he allowed her some now and again as it pleased him to do. I often wondered if that was a symptom or the cause of his feeling superior to females.

          Nan I am wondering about your

          Now we have to have “identifying” titles simply because an individual thinks they should be recognized as a different gender!

          I am not sure I understand what you mean or where you are going with that? Identifying titles? Like Mr, Mrs, Ms, or … I would love to understand what you are saying because I really am confused. Hugs


        • Hi, Nan. You are in the majority. Most of us are old school. I suppose that is how we determine what is an aberration or perversion. Not long ago we only used LGBT.

          I believe there have always been gay and lesbian people in society, and I’m thinking, some other variations as well. But in my lifetime society has softened its views on such things. Now we have males and females believing they were born with the wrong sex.

          “Dec. 1, 1952: Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty
          1952: It’s front-page news when George Jorgensen Jr. is reborn as Christine Jorgensen, gaining international celebrity and notoriety as the first widely known person to undergo a successful sex-change operation. ”

          The earliest successful sex-change operation. (I was eleven years old and I have no memory of this. I looked it up because I wondered about it.)

          As you said, religion/Christianity has played a major role in rejecting ‘others’ for things they themselves practiced.

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      • Hello Cagjr. Well said, very well said. I am glad you had the opportunity to grow as a person, to develop as a human. I also agree with you that Polly is a good person. I like that she is willing to keep engaging and talking about these things that bother her. Hugs

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        • We are all a product of our upbringing until we are not. In some societies, a person born albino is a blessing, in others a curse. We have biases by nature. Prejudices should not be codified.

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    • Hello Polly. There is a need to mention positive role models for LGBTQ+ kids. It doesn’t matter for straight cis kids because everyone they admire is assumed the same as them unless it is said they are not. That is the point. Take for example Alan Turing. Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS was an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and theoretical biologist. Turing’s most notable work today is as a computer scientist. In 1936, he developed the idea for the Universal Turing Machine, the basis for the first computer. And he developed a test for artificial intelligence in 1950, which is still used today. He cracked the Enigma code. He also died a criminal having been found guilty of the crime of homosexuality and took his own life due to the castration drugs they forced him to take. That is the results of bigotry, and it needs to be taught. There are many people held up now in history that it should be mentioned were LGBTQ+ so kids can see it has always been with us and is normal.

      As for these bills the Republicans are passing it is not a concern for women’s sports as they refuse to fund them, it is all about riling up their base. Notice it is always the trans girls they target. These bills never mention trans boys changing or being in bathrooms. Let’s scare people claiming boys will be in the bathroom / showers grabbing your daughters boobs. Notice that they included kids in these laws before puberty, so it is not about muscle bone growth. The science is in, trans girls on hormone therapy have no more muscle or bone advantage than any other girl. Some girls are naturally better than others, shall we screen them out also? In fact the data shows that these laws are a solution looking for a problem. The fact is that trans girls are not sweeping all the titles and championships in any areas they have been allowed to play with the other girls. In total they rarely win. These lawmakers would have you believe that a bunch of boys are plotting to go through the years long medical testing and therapy to change their gender to female for life, so they can win all the titles and championships and then what … It simply makes a better villain for a cartoon movie than reality.

      I did not understand the first part of your comment, sorry. Are you asking can a trans girl be a lesbian? yes. A trans boys can be gay. Remember they are the gender they identify with. Sexuality and orientation go on gender, not biological sex. The reason for that is we are now understanding that intersex people are a lot more common than thought, that surgery on babies to change genders happens without consent if the baby is intersex enough externally to be noticable. Many times the doctors try to force the parents to gender reassign the babies right away. The science now shows that our XY chromosomes are far more diverse than just the XX or XY.

      I think what is happening is people equate gender with biological birth sex. Gender is really a societal convention. Gender is not what is between your legs. Once that becomes understood the situation becomes easier to understand. Talk later, going to start the roundup. Hugs

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  • Scottie, I guess we cannot talk about key parts of our history in Tennessee then.

    Alan Turing, the father of modern day computing, who broke the Nazi Enigma code, saved over 750,000 lives and shortened WWII by by two years per Europe Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower. Turing had to hide that he was gay and later died in prison after being arrested for acting on his instincts.
    The Lavendar Scare in the 1950s, which was overshadowed by the McCarthy Communist witch hunts, where very good (and others caliber) public servants were ousted from the US government for being gay or lesbian.


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    • Thank you for that nugget, Kieth. I learned a good thing today. Being former military, I know that many LGBTQ people passed through our ranks without anybody knowing. Just now we are beginning to understand how they suffered in silence. How can anyone challenge their ability and their desire to serve when we are not aware of who they are? Oh yeah. That bigotry thing.

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      • Hello Cagjr. I was a satellite ground station repairman / operator in the army. I had already been in the Navy. I advanced fast through the ranks. I was sent all over Europe to troubleshoot systems their own people couldn’t figure out, and to build new stations. My last unit was in Berlin, we were paired with an intelligence unit. That last was not unusual, and I had a red passport from when I worked for the DCIC of Europe. I was openly gay and transferred into the unit with a boyfriend that an Admiral from my last command (EUCOM) United States European Command where I oversaw the communication system.

        My boyfriend was picked up for a drug charge, wanting to get him out of it I went to the Admiral who was in charge who had us both transferred to Berlin. As I had been the lead person getting communications back during the Beirut bombing, I was in exceptionally good favor. When we reported to the First Sergeant, he shocked us by saying ” I understand you guys are … a couple, … you are together, right”? Ed about died on the spot but I replied, “Yes Top”. He asked us to give him a day or two to move some people around as he did not a room open for two people and the request for our transfer had come in very sudden, but in a day he would have our own room for us. ( This was a Sunday ) As we were leaving I turned and asked him if our being gay was going to be a problem, he replied that if we were half as good as the Admiral had claimed it wouldn’t matter in the least. He was glad to have us.

        We had a grand little over a year there together. Then my boyfriend moved stateside and we planned for me to join him. However after he left we got a new company commander, a ground pounder infantry officer. My great experience in the military came to a halt. I suddenly couldn’t do anything correctly, my points for promotion were pulled. I was denied my scheduled rotation back to the states. My own unit tried to protect me and help where they could, but the commandeer clearly had a bug up his ass about me being gay and wanted to make my time as unpleasant as possible. This was when being gay was not permitted in the military, he also made his being a Christian very clear. He wanted me to quit so it would go on my record as a dishonorable discharge because my own officers were protecting me from any action he could bring. He was new and I had a couple senior officers on my side. So over a year later I left my unit, but before I left to catch my plane the site had a power hit and couldn’t come up on the bird. In my civies as I was saying goodbye, I realized the problem, raced through the building fixing it. My own site commander begged me to stay, saying he would personally give me the oath of reenlistment. I asked him if he could protect me from the company commander and he admitted he couldn’t. So I left the military highly decorated, but forced out due to bigotry.

        That is what it was like back then, and what bigotry can do today. Other wise great people, really good at what they do forced to hide who they are or lose everything they have. Hugs

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        • Even at our best attempts at empathy and moral support, we cannot fully understand the pain of being the target of the bigotry. In my time in the military, I never had to deal with this. I would have been on the wrong side then.

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    • Hello Keith. Thank you. I just replied to Polly using the same person as an example. I thought he committed suicide due to the castration drugs he was forced to take? Did I misunderstand that part?

      As I wrote to Polly kids need to see positive role models that are like themselves. Cis kids do not have that problem as everyone they admire is assumed to be like them unless it is mentioned otherwise. So we need to mention the many wonderful people in history that were LGBTQ+. Hugs

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