12 thoughts on “31 pound Odie is making it hard for me to fold the laundry

    • Hello Nan. Thank you. I missed it and the email. I just responded to Dennis. I will call him tomorrow. I was closing down when I noticed your comment. Damn it, these are things I can not afford to miss, and thank you for shouting out to me. I am going to bed. I have asked Ron to get me up early in the morning so I can do comments and stuff. Thank you for your response to Dennis, you are a good person Nan. Hugs

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      • I’m really glad you were able to respond to him. And I’m sure he’ll appreciate the phone call.

        It’s just so heartbreaking … 😔 But he seems to have accepted it and has made sure he’s in control.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes, but here in our home all our pets got that way. I would like to blame them, but I think itis the fault of my spouse. I am sure of it. 😀😁😉😉Hugs


    • Hello Polly. As I was answering your comment Odie stopped across the keyboard and your comment disappeared. I did a frantic search and found it after about 20 minutes in the spam folder. What I was asking if your cats are short hair or long hair. Milo was a short hair which was hard enough to deal with, but Odie has long hair that seems to be more attracted to our clothes and other surfaces. We have given up on the bed spread, I remove it to fold clothes on the bed as otherwise they are covered in cat fur as soon as they touch it. I have given up on wearing dark colors at this point. Hugs


    • Hello Rebecca. Our Milo we just had to put out of his pain was barely fourteen pounds at his heaviest. Odie has never seemed to be a big eater, but he is huge. He is fat but not overly so, he is just really big. He has huge paws, three times the size of Milos. But where Milo was graceful and could balance on a thin reed, Odie is clumsy and stomps around. He is not very active at all. We are getting ready to take him to the vet for a complete checkup and I want them to check his sugar and other functions. The problem with taking him to the vet is he is terrified of anything out side of the house, of noises, and he has not been out of the house since he was a kitten, plus he has very bad asthma which can set in if he is upset or the humidity is not balanced for him. We are afraid if we take him for the trip to the vet he will freak out and not be able to breath. Hugs


    • Hello ospreyshire. Oh yes they can. Totally unfathomable sometimes. We got him use to laying on towels as a way to have him stay where we wanted him on our desks. Now he thinks any towels are his property. Our older cat who is gone now felt the same way about pillows, as did our greyhound. Odie is starting to get the same idea. I swear the cats are trying to take over. I just hope they never discover the place we hide the food / treats, or us humans are in trouble. Hugs

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