8 thoughts on “Daily Mail: DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas FIRES 32 members of advisory council

    • Hello Cagjr. If only it was that easy. Funny thing I did not think Biden would do this as tRump made it so politically iffy to fire these hidden spies. The question no one seems to ask is why did tRump want them there anyway? Are they to feed him secrets he could use in his business dealings? Are they part of a plot by other wealthy people / orgs to sabotage Biden? We never have found out the real reason at all. And there could be so many more we do not know about … Hugs

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      • There are a lot of them, Scottie. Every agency and department. I can’ give Trump credit for all of it. He is just not that smart. But McConnell, Ryan, and Barr are. Along with all the business moguls who tell the GOP what they want. And the church. We can’t leave that crowd out. They wanted the SC stuffed just as bad as Moscow Mitch did. I failed to mention Russia. Putin bitch-slapped The Donald before the world and he took it. He never gave Putin any lip.

        Hilary had him pegged from the beginning. Puppet. Putin’s puppet.

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        • Hello Cagjr. Did you see the reply I did to Jill? McConnell has made a speech threatening large corporations / big business to not interfere with the voter suppression bills now that some of them have come out against the Georgia bills. He warned and threatened the very big money donors to the Republican party. That is how serious the Republicans see keeping POC and Democrats from voting. Hugs

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          • I will find your post to Jill, but in the meantime, Chris Hayes is just reporting on that very thing. McConnell told businesses to stay out of politics. He pointed out that it was McConnell who made corporations equal with all voters.

            Shameless hypocrisy. Do the voters remember all this?

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