6 thoughts on “ABC News: 5-year-old boy allegedly detained, handcuffed and threatened by police

    • Hello Polly. I agree. If you seen the other parts of the video you would take them outside and beat them. They traumatized this child. They enjoyed their power over him and showing him his mother couldn’t protect him from them. At one point the woman cop got right in the boys face and screamed at him for a while as the man held him, then threatened to beat him, saying she was going to make his mother spank him and she was going to demand to do it also. A five year old! I have been abused by adults at that age, I am fighting the triggers this story starts in me. I have felt that helplessness, that not understanding. It stays with you a life time, coming back so often, every night, every day. These cops did this to a kid, what do you think they do to other venerable people when they think no one is looking? I do not have enough words to express my anger or stop my tears over this. Damn them. Hugs


  • Jesus H. Christ! The kid is FIVE YEARS OLD! He is nowhere near old enough to have a clue about what he’s done. And talking to him like he does just shows what ass-holes these cops are! (Sorry for the language.) You DO NOT deal with a five-year-old like you do an adult. DUH!!!

    The article said they … do not receive training on how to effectively communicate with a young child in distress. Good grief! It’s common sense!!!

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    • Hello Nan. I watched a video with more videos. My Gods of children Nan, I was so upset I started crying. They cut this video off where the woman gets into the boy’s face and just bellows and screams at him. The man holds the boy down and his hand went more than side to side the width of the boy’s stomach while yelling he was going to beat him … Damn I got triggered. Plus you did not see them in the room with the mother and a school official berating the mother, demanding she beat the child or let them do it. The mother desperately kept trying to keep the boy from them, telling them no way they were going to beat her child. What they did to this child, a helpless kid. She kept saying no you cannot beat children and the cops kept telling her it was OK with them there, go ahead and do it. Just don’t draw blood with cuts too deep said the male cop. Even the school worker was shocked. I was freaking out. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. Yes!. My gods I am still struggling from these videos and the story. I have walked the floor for the last few nights. It is something that this child won’t be able to forget nor deny his entire life. They just created the troubled kid they accused him of being. I am so upset over this, yet I want to know what they do to these “police” officers because if they get away with this … Hugs

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