6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Fox News refuses to admit any good by Biden, but lies constantly in favor of Republicans.

  • Scottie, both Michael Gerson and Robert Reich wrote excellent pieces on the lies and bigotry that are now key tenets of the former republican party. Also, there was an excellent piece in The Guardian about how Biden has been quietly moving the ball the forward on several fronts. So, these efforts to smear him are meeting up with quiet resolve.

    I recognize Biden is far from perfect, but Fox has seen that truth telling need not be part of their arsenal. During 2016, the deceitful former president referenced Senator Cruz as
    “Lyin’ Ted.” In this respect, he was not incorrect. Yet, what he failed to point out that Trump still lies twice as much as Lyin’ Ted does. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. What you say is true. What bothers me is that truth no longer seems to matter. I am a person who thinks truth is very important, I dislike lies, and I hate being lied to. If a person is caught lying to me they better have a really great reason for doing so.

      I feel the same about these Republicans like Cruz and Graham who are on the southern border doing videos in gun boats complaining about people coming to the US, and Kennedy in front of the overflow area for migrants claiming to suddenly figure out that is horrible way to keep people.

      What no one tells them is that Biden is fixing all that. Yes tRump did it, he caused the backlog, he sent people back to Mexico who had a legal right to be granted a hearing for asylum. Those people were sent to horrible camps where they were extorted, raped ( men and women ) and children sex trafficked. These are the camps tRump caused to be set up. Biden has been emptying them. He has sent FEMA to the border to help find housing and to process these people. The kids, unaccompanied minors, are less than the last big surge under tRump, it is something that seems to happen every couple years. But Biden has opened housing for them and has made it a priority to find their families and join them together. Biden is not trying to capture the families coming to get the kids as tRump people did, he is trying to get them to family. How is this any way near the same as tRump was doing? I wish the news reporting organizations would be more honest instead of profit driven. I recently noticed a news broadcast I found suspicious about the border only to have another newscast point out it was an entire made-up fake for ratings and to fit a narrative. That ticks me off big time. I guess I should post that video. Hugs


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