THE WASHINGTON POST: He said he was going to watch cartoons. Instead, he opened his dad’s gun safe.

He said he was going to watch cartoons. Instead, he opened his dad’s gun safe.
Every day in America, kids get their hands on lethal weapons, with disastrous consequences

Read in The Washington Post:

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13 thoughts on “THE WASHINGTON POST: He said he was going to watch cartoons. Instead, he opened his dad’s gun safe.

    • Hello Keith. Yes it is. Study after study shows that guns in the home equals someone in the home hurt by the gun. Not every time, but far too often. We take other safeguards to protect kids by not allowing certain things in the home with them, so we need to do the same with guns. A minor in the home means no firearms. But it seems some people love their guns more than their children. And it is not a case of not knowing the data, it is easy to find, I have posted it myself so I know how easy it is to look up. It is choosing not to believe it. Hugs



    Besides which, what if the house was broken into? That key would be RIGHT THERE so the thieves could get into the safe!

    & who has a safe with a KEY? Combinations are the WAY TO GO. You can change a combination, just like a password.

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  • A very sad and tragic story. Unfortunately, it will not change anything. Those who have guns and children in the home are going to tell themselves that their situation is different … that their kids would never mess with a gun because they know better … that a gun locked in a safe is not going to protect the family (from intruders or whatever) so it must be accessible … and the list goes on.

    It’s difficult to understand, but many, many gun-owners have an “unholy” alliance with their guns. And the more SH__ the NRA feeds them, the deeper this connection becomes.

    The Democrats MAY get some bills passed that limit gun usage, but I guarantee that once the Republicans regain control, all bets are off.

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    • Hello Nan. What you said is the truth. Sadly I cannot offer much in the way to change this situation. Until people can sperate their fantasies and their idea of freedom from that gun symbol nothing will change. Everyone wants to be the hero, everyone thinks they are better than they are, the Republicans peddle fear non-stop on their shows. Look at Lindsey Graham claiming he needs an AR-15 to defend his home from gangs. Really, in his wealthy gated white community with a private security force he is going to be invaded by gangs? He is going to need to stand bravely to defend his home? If there was a disaster he will Ted Cruz it out of there even faster than ole Ted did. I seen Graham the night of Jan 6th in the Senate chamber, he was scared shitless and was almost in tears. Again. Hugs

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      • Suggest you look at my latest post on guns … and most particularly, rautakyy’s comment re: the AR-15. His question: What remains unclear (at least to me), is what purpose does the civillian have for owning a semi-automatic version of the automatic military version? is spot-on.

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        • Hello Nan. I will jump over to your spot now. Ron is making me some thing to eat and then I am off to bed. Just about killed my self trying to make some home made ice cream. I had planned to make a cake also but dang I couldn’t hardly breath after doing the ice cream.

          OT. I wanted to tell you something you may find funny. I was on joe my god web site yesterday and one of the frequent commenters had an issue with a Bobby Flay video that had him cooking with his cat walking around on the counter. Oh then thread developed into an outrage of how unhealthy and unsanitary that was with it ending up that people were calling for the health department to investigate all of his restaurants. Remember this was his home kitchen according to the video that they described. I tried to find the video to judge it but couldn’t. So being a person that shrinks from adding my own opinion … Ah not so much, I jumped in with defense, science, and pictures of my own. I pointed out two important things, first cat hair is in the air of any home cats are in and second my own exceedingly long past my shoulder blades long hair is more a problem for hair in my cooking than a resident cat. You will be happy to know it inspired a flame war on the site and a bunch of people willing to fight to the death have your opinion of a cat on the counter where any cooking is to be done vs cat lovers who disagreed. I left feeling I had done my work and should retire for the day. 😀😁😄😃😋😋☺😍😍Hugs


            • Hello Nan. I had a bad set back as you know, but boy the last few days since Monday I have felt the best I have in a long while. I have been able to stay up until 9 PM and wake up OK around 6 or so. I do admit the last three days I have been playing Xbox Halo5 Guardians. I started it in 2015 and never finished it. I finished and now am going back from the beginning to get the hidden goodies. The problem is I am not really interesting in news right now, I know you feel the same. I would rather play the games. Oh well. Back to work I go. Hugs

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              • Never played X-box. Have absolutely NO CLUE on how it works. But glad that since you enjoy it, you’ve taken the opportunity to play it.

                I’m “keeping up” with the news, but definitely not letting it rule me as it did when the Orange Baboon was in charge. And even then, HE and his shenanigans were more the draw than the actual news.

                Unfortunately, “gun news,” as you know, is a contentious topic in my household — and there has been more than one “unpleasant” discussion. 😖

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                • Hello Nan. Xbox is just another game machine and it seems these days they all have the same controllers. Back in the day … gods I am old, each company had its own type of handheld control that was different than the others. That made it so it was hard to go from one machine to the other and still have the same fluid finger movement. Not to mention that I refused to go to a game console because I gamed on computers. I was really good using a keyboard and trackball mouse to game. But I finally broke down got one Xbox. Loved it but was so clumsy with the controller. Then a game I really wanted to play by Microsoft only would play on their newest ( at the time ) game console, a $400 newest Xbox. I was not going to buy it, I was frustrated. But Ron gave it to me at Christmas so I had no choice but accept it in good nature, right?

                  Sorry about the unpleasant talks about guns in your home. Ron and I have been lucky in that we do not have any issues that we have unsettled now. We have come to an easy way in our life together. We seem to disagree on very little these days. Hugs


                  • Interestingly, when we first started dating, guns were never part of our conversations, so I had no clue. It was not until much, much later that I realized he even had any!

                    Things might had turned out differently had I known because my ex-husband was a bit of a gun fanatic and I definitely wasn’t looking for another one!

                    “Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly …”

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