No Balls For Racists



Charlie Kirk is a very young conservative activist and the founder of Turning Point USA, a conservative group that pushes toxic right-wing bullshit to white high school and college students and pays him a salary of over $300,000 a year which is why he lives in a fancy-schmancy million-dollar condo on the water in Longjohn, Florida. After Major League Baseball pulled its annual All-Star game out of Georgia over the new voting laws, Kirk tweeted something dishonest and stupid.

He tweeted, “The MLB is okay playing games in Communist China and Communist Cuba but they draw the line at Georgia requiring signature verification & voter ID?” Did you know MLB had games scheduled to be played in Cuba and China this year? Me neither. The reason we don’t know this is because they don’t. But then again, Kirk has pushed multiple lies about the coronavirus pandemic and Donald Trump “winning”…

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5 thoughts on “No Balls For Racists

    • Hello Grog. Thanks. I heard on a news podcast this morning that the GQP have over done it and are instead normalizing the word socialism. To the younger voters they are making the word mean doing things for the people that benefit the average person. They like the idea. Hugs

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  • What I am interested in these days, other than GROG, is the US v China thing. A world class country needs a world class government. The CPC is working for China and they are unified while the US has mess and works for the good of the wealthy. A strong government has a long range plan, the US has none, except for the military. Great time to be here, What a show!? How are you feeling these days? Getting the vaccine will ease the tension a bit. Cheers. GROG

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    • Hello Grog. Interesting idea I had not pondered. How does the united government of China, being basically one party with the strongest wills ruling, effects the achievements of a country? It would seem to make a big difference, yet how much would the people give up to have a superior nation? Right now we know many nations around the world do far more for their people and have far better ratings in standards of living / happiness. They do that by taxing the wealthy more and fairly. Yet here in the US the Republican party refuses to do this and their members refuse to force them to even though it would make their lives better. I think I would prefer a strong populous with a government that listens to them. I watched videos of people being snatched off the streets in China and was furious, and then last summer seen the same thing done here in Seattle and other places in the US. That kind of government scares the crap out of me. I grew up as a gay teen hearing from bigots that the government should just round all queers up and either kill them or lock them up forever. Hugs

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      • I think maybe it isn’t possible to understand China and the Chinese. They have a very long history together, all one people but with many different clans. It is still pretty much the same. Xinjiang is a bit different as the Muslims there now are from invading Muslims spreading Islam. Cheers. GROG


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