Republican Jesus loves guns, hates the poor


Republican Jesus loves guns, hates the poor



The corporate class needs skin in the tax game.



Institutional poverty is corporate policy.



Pre-checked recurring payment boxes; a pre-checked box that automatically doubled contribution; donors had to read fine print and manually check an opt-out box to avoid recurring charges.

I wonder how many of the defrauded people voted for the grifter anyway

6 thoughts on “Republican Jesus loves guns, hates the poor

  • Scottie, a small vignette from Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump, gets over looked as a result of other things he wrote. Wells noted trump does not like to pay for things and would often go out of his office for lunch without his wallet expecting people to pay for it. Here are a few more vignettes that should be considered:
    – he fired Chris Christie’s 2016 Transition team who was raising money off the Trump name to support their required efforts – Per Michael Lewis’ book “The Fifth Risk,” candidate Trump considered that his money.
    – in business, the former president would sue everyone to avoid paying them – hard working contractors, painters, sheet rockers, landscapers, even a piano tuner. Wells said Trump would always claim bad service. On a voter panel, a contractor who worked with Trump companies said word on the street is get paid up front.
    – my favorite is the Trump Foundation had to be disbanded as Trump was using the money for his own personal use. The CFO who may testify against Trump soon, was on the Board and did not know he was. The judge ordered repayment and told them no one named Trump could be on the committee to distribute the money.

    Just a couple of vignettes. Keith


  • The one about the toxic wastewater … Repukes want Liberty! Freedom from the Tyranny of Government! They want Independence!

    EXCEPT when something bad happens that they’re unable to handle on their own. And then guess who they turn to??!?! But of course, things like this are DIFFERENT! Right?

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    • Hello Nan. That wastewater from a phosphorus plant is here in Florida. The problem is caused by massive deregulation and erosion of environmental laws, both state and federal. A different wastewater facility like this had a sink hole opened under it and it contaminated the drinking water for a large swath of Florida. Right now they are pumping the water out into Tampa bay, yes that polluted toxic water into Tampa bay. What century are we living in? The thing to remember is while this has threatened homes, the entire water system, it has not affected the wealthy areas nor the governor’s mansion. And that is why they let it happen. They got their money, the plant owners get their money, the people pay the price and lose all. Hugs

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      • Yes, I read that about dumping the toxic water into the bay. I suppose there’s not much else they can do with it … or can they? I’m really don’t know much about the situation except what I’ve read. BTW, has it affected you guys at all?

        Of course as with everything else in politics and things pertaining to — so long as it doesn’t affect ME personally … !!

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        • Hello Nan. They can build proper facilities to store and treat the contaminants. There is a solid toxic material also. But yes there is ways to properly contain this water and treat it, but that takes money. Why spend that money for lined concreate metal lined ponds and treatment facilities when you can let it lay in the Florida sun getting stronger and evaporating for free.

          We are two hours from Tampa down the coast. But Florida is so close to sea level that keeping any water aquafer safe to drink is vital. Once sea saltwater seeps into a well it is useless for most processing facilities. Florida is drastically running out of water and of course now gives huge breaks on water usage to for profit golf courses, some owned by …he who I wont name. A lot of people who move to Florida do not realize our water problem and try to have big green lawns full of water sucking plants, and they use a ton of fertilizer to get that look also, which both feeds the need for phosphorus and also causes more polluted run off.

          When we moved to Florida on July 4th 1994 it was a progressive state with Democratic leadership in Congress, Senate, and the governorship. That all started to change with the sudden death of Lawton Childs and the new govern Jeb Bush. We had a budget surplus and so many progressive services for the people. Bush raped the state. He gave huge tax cuts and rebates to the wealthy, slashed services, cut any and all programs for the poor, and tried to privatize any part of government that could make a profit. He even tried to sell off the public water rights to businesses. Not a joke. He tried to make Floridians buy back their state water from companies. It was a horrible time. We still have not recovered. The corruption now in the state is open and immense. The now entrenched Republicans do not even pretend to care what the people want, and they are openly racist. The people have made several constitutional ballot measures that got approved that the republican legislatures have ignored or simply changed during implementation to suit Republican needs. Ron is so sick of it he has wanted to move out of state for years. I am not sure what to do. Hugs


          • When I asked about the toxic water dump, I was referring to the present crisis. I have no doubt that long-term, there are better ways to handle things. (This is true in LOTS of areas!!)

            I wasn’t aware of the prior political situation in Florida. Besides the fact it’s a long ways from where I live, as I’ve indicated before, I really paid little to no attention to “politics” before the Orange Baboon.

            Sounds to me like you two would be way ahead of the game to GET OUT! I know you’ve spent a lot of time and money renovating your home … and simply being settled in a location definitely plays a major role. Nevertheless, overall, is it worth living with rules and regulations that completely go against your grain? IMO, I think you should seriously think about it.

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