The system is rigged.


This is big. Police Chief Arradondo said the knee should have been moved after a few seconds. Not NINE MINUTES!




The system is rigged.



Huckabee could NEVER identify as a decent human being.

He could have enjoyed all those things without identifying as Chinese. Any American can enjoy a Coke, watch baseball, wear Nike, and fly Delta.

The bigotry is just an immensely stupid dog whistle for the cancel culture Right.



4 thoughts on “The system is rigged.

  • Thanks Scottie. The now trump party has this big eraser out to delete unpleasant reminders of both history and current events. What this has boiled down to is what former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said about five years ago. Based on data projections from the late 1990s sanctioned by the Koch Brothers, the now trump party has long known the demographics do not look good for them. So, a concerted effort to woo voters where they can and suppress votes has been under way, especially dating back to the 2010 midterm elections and census which allowed more gerrymandering. I wish I was making this up. So, along comes the deceitful former president who shows how easily fear and untruths can be used to sell the narrative. The other variable also relates to the former president – his fragile ego cannot accept failure, so a lot of these activities are in response to support his planned and staged lies of wide-spread voter fraud. A loud word of caution to those trump sycophants – taking the former president at his word is a fool’s errand. Keith

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