Why Are So Many Young People Becoming Socialists?

I get so many questions on this topic I think this well thought out video is better able to answer them. For my self I am in horrible back spasms where every breath is a stabbing knife attack to my back. Three hours ago my spouse and I started to make home made ice cream. We both love it more than store bought. However we have a machine that uses ice and salt and we decided today to replace it. We made three batches but before we could finish my back gave out and as much as my spouse was helping it did me in. We have decided to get a bigger more expensive machine that doesn’t require the ice and salt. I am no longer able to do that work. As for everything else I feel better today than I have in 7 days and I expect to get better every day for a while. I had earlier before the ice cream making gone back as far as I could in the comments. I may have missed some that came in more than five days back. If your comment was missed and I did not answer please comment again. I love the conversations and discussions not just with me but seeing what other people think. Sorry this last month I have been kind of absent, I love the internet people who come here. Hugs

5 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Young People Becoming Socialists?

  • I hope there is steadfast and rapid improvement for you. Ice cream has to help, a little! Hugs, Scottie (virtual ones don’t hurt.)

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    • Hello Ali. I do feel a lot better, thank you. I was so sick, that was after being sick for over 6 months. I had just started getting better and got sick again. I was so discouraged. But for days I have felt much better, the fatigue I have been having seems to be going away fast. I am still not up to full steam but I am feeling a lot better. Hugs

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  • Scottie, most Americans do not know what we are. Our economy is one of fettered capitalism (with rules on insider trading, collusion, interlocking boards, bankruptcy protections, utilities, etc.) with socialism underpinnings (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, etc.). The intelligent question to ask is what is the proper balance? Have we leaned to far down the capitalist pendulum and need to swing back a little, for example?. This needs to be discussed without politicians and spin doctors swaying our opinions using labels that are meant to distort. It should be noted with teh former president’s six bankruptcies, if we were a true capitalist model, he would have gone broke a long time ago. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree with you. I describe it as restrained capitalism. I find capitalism that is not regulated, not held back from excesses, it tends to kill the very goose that lays the golden eggs. The problem is partly what Nan likes to tell me, that the GQP has made the word socialism in to a boogieman scare word they can use anywhere to cause fear in older people, and those not educated. The fact is I think every government system in the world today is a hybrid of some kind. I also just told Dylan in a reply that the proof of how much restraint vs no restraint is all around us in the world, we just have to look at other countries. Some do it better than others, but we need to look at countries that have higher ratings of personal satisfaction of the people, better life expectancy, higher standards of living, higher education levels and so on. The misinformation fed by Fox News and the right media is destroying what the US could have, what it could be. I admit I am tired of the fight. Keith I can understand why people give up. Manchin has killed any progress forward for the Democrats, he has stopped the voting rights bill, he has stopped the equal rights bill, all because he is demanding Republicans take their seats at the table. They don’t want to sit at the table. But he doesn’t care. Manchin is a multimillionaire, he has his, and he has shown he doesn’t care if others have anything or not by denying his workers a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Hugs

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