Kentucky Tax Preparer Defends Refusal to Work With Gay Couples: “This is Legal”

Kentucky Tax Preparer Defends Refusal to Work With Gay Couples: “This is Legal”

This sort of bigotry shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Tax Preparer Defends Refusal to Work With Gay Couples: “This is Legal”

  • Ah. The warm embrace of Christ-like love. s/
    I’m just watching Lawrence O’ Donald interview Sister Simone. I cannot condemn her. But people like her rise above the repugnant remnant of Christian dogma. But I know that people like her exist without any religious influence.

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    • Hello Keith. Even as you do to the least of these you have also done to me type thing? I understand what you are saying, but I think it is a shame a person has to ask what their deity would do to be a decent person. Really the question a person should ask themself, is this right, is this harmful, should I do this as a decent person to another human? Hugs

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      • Problem is, Scottie, these True Christians™ think that what they’re doing IS right, not harmful (physically), and decent (at least in the eyes of their Christian beliefs). They entirely live by what their church teaches — which, according to them, is “in the bible.”

        Believe it or not, there are “liberal” congregations that would never think of acting this way. Of course they’re condemned and mocked by the Evangelicals. Further, in most cases, you would never recognize them because they simply don’t do things like this!

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        • Hello Nan. I understand what you say is true, but I rebel against it, I hate it. That decent people can endorse the worst things because of their religion, that their leader told them god wanted it that way angers me greatly. I wonder how good people can do a harmful act just because god said it is OK. I do not see slave owners as good people, no matter how nice they may have been. I do not see people who hit their children because the bible claims itis good for a child to be struck. As a kid who … Oh hell I don’t need to finish that thought do I. et I am still seeing on YouTube religious leaders who claim God did not sanction slavery and it is great to cast out your children are LGBTQ+.

          I know that there are good people who are religious and I do not mean to lump them in with the bad harmful people but our language is only so flexible. The fact is the bad people claim the good ones are not really Christians, and vice versa. There are still people claiming Hitler was not a “real” Christain. What is called the no true Scotsman fallacy.

          Remember how you told me you are tired of politics? I have been back to playing my games on Xbox again. Ron is happy to see it. But I admit I do not want to stop to deal with the news and stuff right now. I am sure I will get over it. Hugs

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          • I can identify! Although I read the headlines via Google News in the AM and in a few email newsletters I get, that’s about the extent of it. I watch the network news at 6:00 … and then the local news … and then I’m off to my ROKU to see what movies I want to watch! 😀

            I’m not liking everything Biden is doing, but at least he’s acting like an adult. Part of the reason I watched stuff about tRump was to see how much of an A__ he was going to make of himself … THIS time! 😖

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