I am a 57 year-old gay man who has been very lucky in life.    Life is an adventure and I live it that way.   I am in a long-term relationship that is going on 31 years and gets stronger and more fulfilling every day.    I love people.   I have a socially liberal / progressive view of the world.    People, feelings and memories are more important to me than material things.

My Email is:  Scottiestoybox@comcast.net , Scottiestoybox@gmail.com

19 thoughts on “About

  • Good morning, Scottie…
    Wow, it took me forever to find out how to leave a comment. Before, I though you had a comment box
    on the main page of your blog. Maybe I don’t remember well.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your jokes on the elderly today. Also I sure hated to see how the cold weather
    dealt such a terrible blow to your plants. But, I am sure they will survive. It may take them a while to look nice again.
    Anyway congratulations on your really neat blog.

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    • I wish I could have a cbox. I think it would be grand, but it seems worldpress doesn’t do them. I will work on it. I love jokes also, and I will have more. As for the plants we have to wait until the weather is consistanly warmer, then trim them up. Glad you liked the blog.

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  • Greetings Scottie,
    Your blog is now becoming very addictive for me. You have a great variety of things for
    everyone to peruse. It looks like you are getting a pretty good following already.
    I will email you in a few.
    Say ‘hi’ to Ron for me. Are you going to go the route of Amar, and have Ron include some
    of this thoughts on your blog??

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    • Hello Carlitos. No I don’t think Ron will add any comments. He has no interest in blogs. He hardly ever reads his email. I have to remind him once in while. He has little interest in anything computer, except playing the hidden objects games together or tile games.

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  • This blog is also becoming addictive for me also. Nice place to run when you do not want to deal with reality. I am so tired of soem people in my life. Now my daughter questions me on why I ask som of her friends to be in my circle on face book.I just requested them from searching for friends.I did not go to her profile and look at her friends.Jeez.

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  • please subscribe me

    Scottie Says: Hey William. No t really sure what you mean. My site is open for viewing and I have no subscriptions. I hope you enjoy the cartoons and other stuff I post.
    Best Wishes,

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  • Hey Scottie

    Your g mails haven’t been coming to me. I looked at an old one today and saw that you were sending. I thought you were sick or something and I’m glad your not. Please get me back onto regular mail. Thanks a lot! (Now I have some reviewing to do) Gary

    Hello Gary. While I have been less able to do what I want to, and have been working a lot of hours, my email seems to be working OK on my end. I down loaded the windows live mail which replaced windows mail and out look, and I love it. Took me a day of two to set it up. I still have Comcast and Gmail. I do not use the scottiestoybox.com email as that was too much work. I simply have that forwarded to Gmail, and then both Gmail and Comcast forward to my Windows mail.

    So if you wish to write me, then use scottiestoybox@comcast.net. Be well and happy. Hugs

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    Missed you on my “Reader” / TimeLine.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    Hello Oscar, I am so happy to hear from you. I will be back to your web site soon. I have missed it. I had to first do some other stuff first, Then I am headed over to your wonderful blog to enjoy your writings. Hugs

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    • OK. Did you read the comments? I tried to tell people of problems with the story, that i did not originate the story and other things. I hope you are well, be happy. Hugs

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      • Thanks Scotty and the same to you and Ron. The Offspring and I are still isolating so it was just the two of us, plus furkids, but we made it special anyway. I made Five Spice Duck and the dog absolutely loved it. lol So did we, but this dog is a very fussy eater and we’ve never seen her wolf her food down like this before. Gourmet tastes, I guess. 😀 Golli and Harry had ‘junk food’ treats so we all had fun.

        Stay well and all the best for the New Year. 🙂

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