Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Hello ShellDigger. Thank you for this post. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to move closer to the Republicans now that we have won so we don’t offend them or destroy the attempt at unity. How dare Democrat Biden undo or not keep a tRump policy. The Democrats wanting to use their win via the more votes of the people to promote left policies is being radical socialist according to the Republicans. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to mind the feelings of the right, don’t pick on tRump now, he lost already so be nice Republicans cry out. The Republicans claim the left are snowflakes but I have never seen such whining and crying as the right has done since the election. To make everything worse all the things they ignored during tRump’s wild ride they suddenly claim are principles they hold dear and must make a stand on. At this point I think the Republicans have a lot to prove. Hugs

Evidence Based Reality

Our new president wasn’t even inaugurated yet, and the R party was winnowing about their desire, that the D’s should just ignore the last four years, as if it had been full of bunny rabbits, rainbows, and butterflies. As if it wasn’t dominated by a wanna be dictator, fully endorsed by the R House and Senate. The entire four years was one ignominious fiasco after another. Ignoring the constitution, defying court ordered decrees and subpoenas, the silencing of accomplices either through firing them or pardoning them, perfect phone calls one of which resulted in the first impeachment. Let’s not forget kids in cages. Parents deported. Environmental standards tossed by the wayside. Hundreds of thousands dead by incompetence. I could go on and on, but I don’t have the time. Just a never ending shit show by a shit for brains orange idiot, and as I said, whose actions were fully…

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New World Order

Hello Spartan Atheist. Thank you for this well written essay. I enjoyed reading it. Hugs

The Spartan Atheist

(And why terrorists stormed the Capitol)

There is a particular bit of stupidity that I’ve become increasingly aware of as of late. It isn’t that I’ve never heard of it, but it’s been floating into my Facebook feed either directly or indirectly with more frequency. It is the idea that there is a subversive plot to consolidate power under a single totalitarian regime, called the New World Order.

But more importantly, it is absolutely stupid conspiracy theories like this that most recently fueled the fire of terrorist mobs to breach the United States Capitol building. And I understand the anger. I understand American citizens who would defy totalitarianism. I too would be grossly enraged if over half of my fellow countrymen and women voted to give up US sovereignty to an oppressive world regime.

The difference between me and that bunch of terrorist assholes, though, is I know it’s all…

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Let’s start our morning reading these.



Republicans’ Russification will only get worse.



The Senate, already vastly disproportionately advances low-populace/rural/red-state/Republican agenda…

Gerrymandering, at present, largely favors the same…

….but STILL somehow totally oppressed.


Trump should be nullified on every level.


Extortionist Con Man Party. #CircularFiringSquad






Trump opens his ‘Office of the Former President’ in Florida

Donald Trump has established his “Office of the Former President” in Palm Beach, Florida, where he has opened a headquarters for his post-presidential public affairs.

The office will manage his correspondence, appearances and other “official activities to advance the interests of the United States” and “carry on the agenda” of his administration through “advocacy, organizing and public activism.”


A statement on executive letterhead from the office said Mr Trump “will always and forever be a champion for the American people.”



The office will be run by his former administration’s aides and other staff.

Prohibited from most social media networks following his supporters’ deadly attack on the US Capitol on 6 January inspired by his dangerously false election fraud claims, the former president has largely been silent after the inauguration of Joe Biden on 20 January. He fled the White House and Washington DC hours before the ceremony and golfed at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach the following morning.

The Former Presidents Act establishes funding for a president’s office once they leave office, along with access to classified security briefings, personal security and a pension.

Mr Trump and his outgoing administration and campaign staff have not indicated whether he will re-enter politics after his four-year term. He did not concede his loss to President Biden.

In a brief statement to a reporter from the Washington Examiner, he said: “We’ll do something, but not just yet.”

Mr Trump could end up a significant player in mid-term congressional elections among Republican candidates in 2022, though his massive base of support could influence GOP designs on another presidential bid in 2024.

On Monday, the House of Representatives delivered its article of impeachment to the Senate, which will schedule a trial to convict the former president on charges of inciting a riot after the lethal insurrection at the Capitol.


The House impeached the president a second time on 13 January, with 222 Democrats and 10 Republicans voting to impeach.


Don’t Let Them Gaslight You: The Implications of Trump’s 6 January Insurrection Riot as a Flashbulb Memory

Hello CalicoJack. It has always astounded me that people would forget what a politician promised and failed to do between elections. Or the reverse. I remember during the 2018 elections when Republicans were running advertisements and publicly saying they would save the ACA at the same time having voted repeatedly to destroy it. They were in court to have it declared illegal and they were running on keeping it safe. A lot of people seem to completely disconnect the Republicans voting against giving them the assistance they desperately needed, yet voting those same people back into office. I am thinking of McConnell who was voted back into office with a 10 point margin by the very poor people he basically stiff armed. Thanks for this post explaining it for us. Hugs

The Psy of Life

Trump’s insurrection riot was one of the most significant events in American history. It’s one that we should be sure to understand thoroughly because of the wide-ranging repercussions that it will have on our politics and society for an extended period of time. We’ll focus on one aspect of it that, perhaps, few others are discussing: The implications of it being a flashbulb memory in the American psyche. As a flashbulb memory it will be well remembered; and it is vulnerable to manipulation.

Flashbulb Memories

As discussed before on Ye Olde Blogge,a flashbulb memory is a special type of memory that is formed when an event has significant personal importance and strong emotional content. While all of our #COVID19 milestones are important, the frequency of their occurrence numbs us…

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