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August 16, 2019

Another bigotry move by hating tRump people. Trump Administration Petitions Supreme Court To Legalize Firing People Merely For Being Transgender

Trump Administration Petitions Supreme Court To Legalize Firing People Merely For Being Transgender

Dominic Holden reports at Buzzfeed News:

The Trump administration on Friday took one of its most aggressive steps yet to legalize anti-transgender discrimination by telling the Supreme Court that federal law allows firing workers solely for being transgender, arguing a Michigan funeral home could fire a transgender woman because she wanted to wear women’s clothing on the job.

Although the administration was expected to take the stance — and had previously said firing workers on the basis of gender identity is legal under federal law — the latest court filing asks the nation’s top court to establish federal case law in a potentially sweeping setback for LGBTQ rights nationwide.

Read Holden’s full report.

This is what tRump / Republicans are causing. Hate and bigotry causing harm

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‘Go back’: Man faces hate crime charges after ice pick attack on Hispanic biker waving Mexican flag

‘Go back’: Man faces hate crime charges after ice pick attack on Hispanic biker waving Mexican flag

ABC News Radio reported that 67-year-old Joseph Zens is accused of abruptly changing lanes in his 2009 Hyundai SUV to force a 57-year-old Latino biker off the road.

According to a statement from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Zens yelled racial slurs and expletives at the victim. The statement said that Zens told the man to “go back to his country.”

Zens reportedly struck the victim with an ice pick as he got on his motorcycle and tried to move away. The victim was eventually able to call 911.

August 13, 2019

Let’s talk about socially conditioned responses to domestic violence….

I think most of the people who come here know I was abused and lived in constant fear of the huge ( to a little boy and most men ) brute that terrorized my life.   But while I took the brunt of his abuse he also made clear his position to even his own brood.  He was the alpha in charge of the house and he would back it up with violence.  I seen him rip a door of the hinges to his daughters room because she pissed him off.  He did so by punching his fist right through the door.  

I want to point out that the video has a really good message.  If you really want to help the victim, get them out of the situation.  Many people in my little cow town knew I was being abused, and many offered what comfort they could.  But none of them tried to take me out of the abuse.  

Which leads me to the point Beau makes.  When I was about 13 or 14 I was working for a local family who had a basket weaving shop.  It was a big business.  The man who ran it was a 6 foot something ex-marine.   They were friends with my adoptive parents and had even bought me clothing when I really need it.  I was happy to work in the shop and felt welcome if  awkward there.    One afternoon my adoptive father came into the shop angry, found me and started hitting me and beating me up.  I to this day do not know how he knew or who ran and told him but Dave the owner showed up and went into combat mode.  As his wife grabbed me and tried to take me out of there I seen most of the fight.  Francis was short but stock and hugely muscled and a brawler, Dave was an marine who had seen combat and younger.  For the first time in my life I felt so happy with joy, someone had stood up for me.  I was not alone, I was going to be safe.  Surely after that fight he wouldn’t hurt me any more!

The truth was he never hurt me in front of Dave again.  But when I got home that afternoon Dave was not there.  There was no big former marine to defend me.  I was a small scrawny kid facing a brawler that had gotten the bad end of a fight.  Some one needed to pay for that, and I did.  I wont describe what happened, I think you all can guess. I will only say it was bad.  Really bad.  

Thinking you can play the hero and stand up for the abused is great, if you plan on being there day and night until the abuser is gone, never to come back.  But doing it once in a store or in the case of the video going and beating the bad guy up only leaves them free to take that anger out on the victim.  I know, I was the victim.  Anyway I am upset and tired and going to bed.  Please watch the video.  Be safe, be happy, and hugs

August 12, 2019

tRump wants to be a dictator/Supreme Leader


The similarities are disturbing, yet predictable.

Trump wants to be a dictator/Supreme Leader so bad. Destroying our democracy is Republican goal, using propaganda is all part of controlling power.

Attention white people who are silent on this: wake up. This is on you.

August 9, 2019

Stupidity reigns supreme. End open carry

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Armed Man In Body Armor And Military Fatigues Sparks Panic, Evacuation At Walmart

MISSOURI: Armed Man In Body Armor And Military Fatigues Sparks Panic, Evacuation At Walmart [VIDEO]

“He walked in here, heavily armed with body armor on, in military fatigues, and caused a great amount of panic inside the store,” Lucas said

August 3, 2019

Trump calls himself “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” About that…

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July 29, 2019

The lost ones

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July 27, 2019


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tRump world wishes

(cartoon by Jen Sorenson) (cartoon by Chris Britt)  




July 26, 2019

Again a Christian Pastor shows what Christianity is all about. Control and hate

TN Pastor Refuses to Host Funeral Since Dying Man’s Son is Gay

TN Pastor Refuses to Host Funeral Since Dying Man’s Son is Gay

“As long as I was going to take part in any way, he [Jessie’s father] could not have his service there,” said [Jessie] Goodman.

Goodman says the church’s pastor, and some of its members, don’t want him or his fiance [Brandon Smitty] to be involved in the service because they’re gay.

We called Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church’s Pastor Jay Scruggs to see if this was true.

Pastor Scruggs had no comment, but did say he would talk with us after Jessie’s father is in the grave.

That Christian compassion never gets old…

What’s he going to say after the father is dead? “No” in a louder voice?

One church member told Jessie he could have the funeral there as long as his partner didn’t attend… which seems vindictive more than anything. Even if his partner isn’t there, Jessie is still a gay man. And considering that a funeral is for the living, not the dead, to tell a member of the family (officially or not) that he’s banned from a funeral is just cruel more than anything.

The news hit Jessie’s father especially hard.

When Goodman broke the news to his father that he would only be able to honor one of his final wishes, he told the news station his dad was devastated.

“He did know that his funeral wouldn’t happen there, and he had a very hurt look on his face when we told him that,” said Goodman.

Leave it to religion to find a way to make a dying man suffer even more.

July 22, 2019

Georgia GOP Lawmaker Used Legal Loophole to Help Molesting **Priest** Avoid Prison

** Edit note:  The title uses the word “priest” while the article clearly says that Jason Brothers was a Preacher.   Sorry for any confusions.  Hugs **

Georgia GOP Lawmaker Used Legal Loophole to Help Molesting Priest Avoid Prison

In 2012, Ohio preacher Jason Brothers stayed at the home of a family in Georgia when he was giving a guest sermon at North Mt. Zion Church of God in Hiawassee. When the family’s 14-year-old girl got up for a drink of water that night, Brothers, who was in a wheelchair due to his cerebral palsy, asked her for a hug… then raped her.

The girl only told her parents what happened after they caught her trying to end her own life.

This week, Jason Brothers was sentenced for his crime. The punishment involves no prison time, going back home to Ohio, and remaining on probation for another four years. In other words, nothing of any consequence even though he admitted to two counts of felony sexual battery on a minor.

The reason for that has everything to do with his attorney: Republican House Speaker David Ralston.

And what was Ralston doing when he requested these delays for state business?

Two complaints with the State Bar of Georgia filed by victims in other cases have accused him of campaigning and fundraising when he told judges he couldn’t come to court; Ralston has defended that practice, too, telling The Augusta Chronicle he’d think about stopping “if George Soros will promise that he will not send any more money into Georgia.”

*** Edited to include this information.   Hugs ***

The AJC and Channel 2 also note that, since Ralston became House Speaker in 2010, “he cited his legislative responsibilities to delay 226 cases a total of 966 times.” They also note that he expanded the legal loophole so delays could be granted year-round instead of just when the legislature was in session.


Way to get fired quickly

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July 20, 2019

Try repeating it at work

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Racism on full display

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Beyond hypocrisy, it’s evil.


And he claims he’s not holding up the bill, just asking how we’re going to pay for it? This is beyond hypocrisy, it’s evil. He frequently brags of being a medical doctor, (he’s an ophthalmologist but not Board Certified by the AMA) and he’s withholding medical care from these people.

Another Christian in authority demanding everyone follow his god and religion

Air Force Capt.: Military Chaplains Who Don’t Proselytize Aren’t True Christians

Air Force Capt.: Military Chaplains Who Don’t Proselytize Aren’t True Christians

But Sonny Hernandez, a U.S. Air Force chaplain who works at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, disagrees. Not only does he think chaplains should promote Christianity on the clock, he believes those who don’t aren’t truly Christian.

In yet another bizarre rant on WND, Hernandez argued that Christian chaplains who aren’t promoting their personal views at every turn are cowards.

Tragically today, many military chaplains intentionally do not pray in Jesus’ name. As disgusting as this may sound, it is a very common practice today among military chaplains — among both liberal and conservative ones. These “non-sectarian” prayers are now the norm within military chaplaincy as the vast majority of chaplains have abdicated the name of Jesus due to fear and shame.

Even worse, false teachers… who masquerade as Christian military chaplains will invariably omit the name of Jesus and will argue that no chaplain should ever deliver such “sectarian” prayers publicly. Since these kinds of chaplains have not been truly born again, they will also often support homosexuality, Islam, or Mikey Weinstein and his anti-God foundation. To put it simply, a false teacher that operates under the guise of Christian chaplain will love the things that God hates while hating the things that God loves.

If a Muslim chaplain used his platform to promote Islam, he’d be out of a job immediately — and cause FOX News to talk about Sharia Law for weeks. (I would say imagine a Humanist chaplain doing the same thing… but there are none in the military.)

Incidentally, the Air Force’s own published standards prohibit leaders from “officially endorsing or disapproving of, or extending preferential treatment for any faith, belief, or absence of belief.” Hernandez is obviously breaking that rule. He deserves to be reprimanded for it.

Military chaplains provide a service to others; they cannot be missionaries looking for new recruits.

July 19, 2019

US corruption got a report killed so that the tRump family could get more money

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Jared Kushner is making money from selling US Intelligence to Saudis. That is called espionage.

Khashoggi knew this. It was in Kushner’s best interest to have Khashoggi murdered. Notice how MbS is never criticized by Kushner or Trump even though US and Turkish intel confirm MbS had his hit team cut Khashoggi into pieces with bone saw.

July 18, 2019

Children being held hostage by the CPB to be able to arrest undocumented parents

Damn it, are we not better than this.  How can any adult justify this?  Ron told me I am about to have an aneurysm over this crap.  But this is the country I served two military tours for and I am a survivor of childhood abuse and this holding kids hostage is as wrong as some one holding them to sexually traffic them.  How the hell are these kids to deal with the fact that if their parents do come for them they will be sent away?  Fuck me to tears I am so angry right now!  Hugs

Another example of a Christian so super happy to take rights away from people , but not to help the children on our border who are in cages.

Brian Brown: New “Natural Law” Commission Provides An “Extraordinary Opening” To Challenge LGBT Rights

Brian Brown: New “Natural Law” Commission Provides An “Extraordinary Opening” To Challenge LGBT Rights

Such wonderfully loving Christians who are in complete denial of what is natural in favor of what they prefer and against what they feel is “icky”.  I am so tired of these assholes trying to take the entire country back hundreds if not thousands of years in the past to force all of us to live by their uninformed fables.   Hugs

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-LGBTQ-equality activist Brian Brown declared in a message to supporters on Thursday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s new “Commission on Unalienable Rights” provides Brown’s International Organization for the Family with “an extraordinary opening to push for clear and consistent recognition of the natural family” and “gives us a forum to challenge American foreign policy that has in the past advanced the extreme agenda of the left that has been cloaked in the language of so-called human rights.”

Pompeo’s commission, which was reportedly created without input from the State Department’s existing human rights infrastructure, will bring a “natural law” lens to a reexamination of U.S. human rights policy. As New Ways Ministry’s Bob Shine has noted, “Natural law theory has been used for a long time by Catholic Church leaders and theologians who reject LGBT people’s identities and their relationships.” Natural law theory has various strains, but as applied to sexuality and gender, it essentially argues that people whose sexual expression or gender identity is not “natural,” or who have non-procreative sex, are defying the “natural law” of God.



July 17, 2019

This is serious and clearly illegal behavior of ICE and they do not care. How long before they come for everyone else not white and heterosexual

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