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August 19, 2018

Atheism / religions / WTF

Imaginary creatures can do anything they want.

When you’re so desperate to defend pedophiles, you reveal you don’t know anything about your own superstitions.
Meanwhile Catholics - and Xtians - on Twitter are bending over backwards to blame an imaginary boogeymonster, rather than the humans who...

But forgot to tell his son-self that diseases aren’t caused by demons.


August 15, 2018

really bad

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“I think I speak for most atheists when I say that we look forward to a time when we never have to talk about religion to anyone ever again.


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August 14, 2018

An Air Force Leader Wants to Promote Jesus via the Military, Says Watchdog Group

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For years there has been a steady growth of christians pushing their religion in the military.  I was subject to it in the 1980’s.  These people really are dangerous because they use their religion as a weapon and if you want promotion or even leave time, you have to be on their good side.   Which means go to church, go to bible studies, do the christian stuff.   In training camps if you do not want to spend sunday doing chores you have to go to church.  Christian church.   It has spread and is getting to be a serious problem.   Remember the military is full of people of all different faiths and non-faith, but not if the christians have their way.  They want a christian take over as much as the muslims want an islamic world.   The rest of us are stuck in the middle of these religions fighting for world dominance.    Hugs

What has gone unmentioned in all this is how Teichert has been running an online Christian ministry for years, arguably violating military policy, in which he also expressed a desire to convert people under his command as well as his superiors.

For years now, Teichert has run a group called Prayer at Lunchtime for the United States, in which he’s posted articles and interviews merging church and state. He also has no problem using this military achievements while proselytizing — a major no-no.

When he spoke at a religious conference in 2016, he used his military title in his description. On blog posts he made, he falsely said “our nation was founded by Christians as a Christian nation.” Then there’s the list of people he wants everyone to pray for, including Donald Trump, “A return to our Biblical foundation,” “Christian leaders to find favor among men,” and “Key leaders to accept Christ as their Savior.”

Perhaps the most egregious thing he’s ever said was during a 2017 sermon for Fountain City Baptist Church in Alabama. You can hear it around the 7:30 mark or in the clip below:

… I would ask for your prayers for wisdom in my life of leadership and discernment and understanding and knowledge for influence over the nation’s senior leaders that I get to rub shoulders with. My desire in my life is to maximize my impact on people in our country for the Lord.

Another reason I am an antitheist: Textbooks for Homeschooling Christians Frequently Whitewash U.S. History

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Textbooks for Homeschooling Christians Frequently Whitewash U.S. History


August 13, 2018

Air conditioned by now. Hugs

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It’s nice not being part of an evil fictional supervillain’s cause.
Also, does this mean they’ll shut up now?

“God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time moves on.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Faith” is an admission your beliefs are unreasonable.

When your best evidence is a rumour about a rumour about a rumour.



August 12, 2018

Atheist Comedy: Does GOD Think PEOPLE Are STUPID?

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August 11, 2018

once Upon a time …

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Because out of all the billions of people on this distant blue marble, you’re special.


Same “god” who “designed” the placement of the prostate.


August 10, 2018

Easy guide

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Don’t blame us because your superstitions don’t make sense, contradicting the natural world around us, all the other religions and, of course, themselves.

Xtians decide, “god” obeys.

Indistinguishable from nonexistent.

Teach the Controversy!


August 9, 2018

Why would you think …

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Every villain needs a plausible deniability scapegoat. “God” failed at that, too.

I’d prefer to be where the scientists and independent thinkers are anyway, rather than grovelling before Kim Jong-YHWH, the Satan of Heaven.


August 8, 2018


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Mysterious ways / preached at

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This morning Ron and I went to the grocery store for a few items.   I needed to use the men’s room at the store.  The store set up is a narrow doorway to area with the bathrooms for each gender off  each of the sides sides and a family bathroom direct ahead.  So one narrow door and then three doors.   Remember the set up , it gets important.   As I was exiting the men’s room two older ladies were about to come through the first narrow doorway.   Being a nice fellow, I stepped to the wall and motioned them to proceed.  They thanked me and I thought nothing more of it.   I feel being courteous and kind should be practiced when I can do so.    So as we left the store I noticed the two ladies in the parking lot looking around.   Again I thought nothing of it.  Then as I got into the car while Ron put the groceries in the hatch trunk, I noticed the ladies were now walking towards us.  They stopped at the car and I lowered the window, my thought was they needed help with something.  Nope!  They wanted to share their god with me.  Yup, right there in the hot sun in the parking lot.  They started to hand me literature while winding up into the sales pitch.  I broke in nicely and told them I was glad they had faith but I was an atheist.  Apparently to these ladies atheist was code for please tell me all about the bible.   Which one did while the other tried to put a leaflet in the window on my dash.   I could feel my temper rising.  I tried to stay calm and told the lady that in my opinion her bible was a man made book put together from texts chosen by men with the idea of controlling the masses.   That seemed to startle them like the idea was something no one had ever expressed to them, and I was really begging them to tell me why the bible was the word of god and how very true the book was.   The one lady kept asking me did I really not believe the bible and did I really think the bible was written by men.   Ron could tell my patience was running out and to forestall any outburst he told the ladies we had to go and ushered them away from the car.  As we were driving home I asked Ron why the ladies thought they had a right to approach people and just start in about their deity.  Can you imagine a atheist doing that , walking up to strangers and preaching to them about gods not existing?  They would go nuts on the atheist and claim harassment.  Yet these ladies had taken my original courtesy as a signal to preach to me about their holy book and their version of god.  I also think keeping going after being told you have no interest in the subject is really just harassment.

The above was the second grocery store we went to.  At the first one the cashier kept telling us about the blessed day, have a blessed day, she was so blessed this blessed day.   I want to tell her lord Satan thanked her for the blessing , but I figured she would have a melt down and try to do an Exorcism on the spot.   As I was in a hurry I refrained.  Again saying that once, OK, but to keep repeating it like a mantra to someone is simply harassment I feel.  I sure was not happy, and it should have showed if the woman had even cared what I thought of her “blessed day”.     Hugs



August 7, 2018

Discrimination Against U.S. Christians—Like the “War” on Christmas—Is Fake News

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August 4, 2018

Left with the good stuff, and other thoughts.

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Your made-up stories don’t make this better.

“ religion-is-a-mental-illness:
“ the-unpopulartruth:
“ religion-is-a-mental-illness:
“Religion is self-loathing.
That’s sad. You literally dumped your only hope of salvation. 😢 💔
That’s sad. You literally dumped your only...

People know porn is fantasy.

Jesus rolls 2d6 to decide if he’ll answer or ignore you.
Prayer is indistinguishable from chance. Unless you’re maths-illiterate.

“Scooby Doo has greater educational and explanatory power than any religion.


Blessed with …

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August 2, 2018

After …

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July 30, 2018

Dear American Christian

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If you expect …

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July 29, 2018

God doesn’t work

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July 25, 2018

They don’t live it, they only preach it

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