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May 16, 2019

Alabama’s Near-Complete Abortion Ban is All About Pushing a Christian Theocracy

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Secular country anyone?   Christian theocracy with religious laws.  Christian sharia?   Hugs

Alabama’s Near-Complete Abortion Ban is All About Pushing a Christian Theocracy

Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, a bill that was approved by overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Legislature. To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.

“Every sperm is sacred” really is now the law in Alabama.

It’s telling that Ivey’s God cares more about an unborn fetus than a 12-year-old rape victim or a mother whose child would forever suffer due to genetics or an inability to provide it proper care.

But Ivey is certainly not alone in invoking her faith in defense of this indefensible bill.

Here’s State Sen. Clyde Chambliss:

“Roe v. Wade has ended the lives of millions of children. While we cannot undo the damage that decades of legal precedence under Roe has caused, this bill has the opportunity to save the lives of millions of unborn children,” Chambliss said. “Life and liberty are not man given; they are given by our Creator. Today, Alabama made clear that we will protect our rights and the rights of our unborn children.

He’s wrong, of course. Abortions, by definition, don’t end the lives of children. And you can’t have God-given liberty when a women is forced to endure pain and suffering because a majority of Republicans, almost all men, decided they should have to.

Racists are embolden in the US

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Black in the US: He was not required to show ID by law, the police officer stole his wallet from his hand while the other blocked him and checked his ID

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May 15, 2019

Franklin Garham doesn’t want kids watching cartoons to know same sex marriages exist and are no big deal

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Days of freak outs by major religious figures are getting more and more silly.   The cartoon did not glorify sin, claim all kids need to be gay, or force kids to be godless and marry their same gender.   It is a secular show in a secular country that showed a normal legal activity.   Grow up already.   I am more worried these same cartoon kids have been in the third grade for 20 or 30 years.  What kind of message is that sending?   Please read the short article at the web page as I am tired of posting dumb shit for today.     Hugs

Franklin Graham: “Rise Up” Against Gay Cartoon Rats!

Franklin Graham: “Rise Up” Against Gay Cartoon Rats!


US Embassy Staff To Leave Iraq Over “Iranian Threats”

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The rhetoric is getting heavier and the gossip starts to fly.  We worried and wary.  Hugs

US Embassy Staff To Leave Iraq Over “Iranian Threats”

CNBC reports:

Washington ordered the departure of non-emergency government employees from Iraq on Wednesday, after repeated U.S. expressions of concern about threats from Iranian-backed forces.

The U.S. State Department has ordered the pullout of the employees from both the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and its consulate in Erbil, the embassy said in a statement.

On Tuesday, the U.S. military reaffirmed concerns about possible imminent threats from Iran to its troops in Iraq, although a senior British commander cast doubt on that and Tehran has called it “psychological warfare.”

Religious freedom

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Out of sight, out of mind

Has anyone else noticed that all talk about how horrible the elected President of Venezuela is has come to a complete halt?   It was pushed several times a day by the administration.  They were talking plans to both send aid and assistance to the young US picked upstart.  Then our Vice President announced the day of a US backed attempted coup that the US would give money to the military if they joined in the coup and over throw the existing government.  Wow, that was tough talk.  What happened, did the coup succeed?   Or was it the phone call tRump got from Putin saying stay out of Venezuela as we are good friends with that country?   Oops, tRump let it be known he was angry at Bolton for being too aggressive and getting him yelled at by his Russian boss. 

Now instead of a coup in Venezuela we are trying to start a war with Iran with the idea of taking out their leadership and replacing it with a US approved one.   Maybe even a democracy but doubtful, more likely a dictator who will be told to change the country from Islam to Christian as soon as possible.   We have sent troops, planes, ships, and more to an area already on a hair trigger.   We have hurt the economy of Iran deeply with strict sanctions the rest of the world doesn’t like.  We have possibly used our friends the journalist killing Saudi’s to fabricate stories of attack on ships and bases blaming Iran.   Trump has talked about taking other countries oil reserves.   We designated their elite military force as a terrorist organization.  Our government keeps accusing Iran of meddling in other countries with no sense of the irony of it.  Think of how angry we in the US got when we heard of the Russians meddling in our elections, yet here are two countries the US is actively trying to over throw their elected governments.  We tell other countries they need to stay out of the US sphere of influence in this hemisphere yet we have been in every conflict in the Middle East in some way or form.   We still have old jerks in both the White House and Congress who still think this is 1950 and the US is the only super power with the A bomb.   The idea that the US gets to dictate to the world how things will be done, who their leaders are, and what they can do is long over and our government needs to learn this quickly.  If you think Iraq was a mess and Afghanistan will never really be fixable as we are trying to do with little success, Iran will be a horribly embarrassing shit show that will devolve into guerrilla wars all over the world with civilians being targets.   The terror attacks will ramp up to a level not seen.  Iran is mountainous not a flat desert.  It is a technologically advanced country with a well trained military.   In the Iraq wars we had other countries backing us, and if we go to war with Iran we will have only the Saudi’s and the Israelis.  Make no mistake, this is basically a religious war fuel in part by tRump’s hatred of Muslims and President Obama.  This is a desire by the fanatic religious people to knock down the competing religion as they push for Christianity dominion around the world.  This is also pushed by large oil companies who hope to get their hands on what oil the planet has left.  We need to be proactive on this.  Hugs

Religious politicians breaking the law and public norms to enshrine their favored discrimination into laws

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Texas Senate Revives “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill While Avoiding Public Input

Texas Senate Revives “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill While Avoiding Public Input

Just days after a bill to “save Chick-fil-A” died in the Texas legislature, Republicans have taken special action to resurrect the low-priority bill.

The State House failed to pass that bill. But the State Senate just took up its companion bill, SB 1978 and placed it on a fast track for approval. (Why bother letting the public weigh in on it, right?)

On Monday, the Senate waived rules to allow [Sen. Bryan] Hughes’ bill to be heard in committee without public notice. A few minutes later, the Senate Affairs Committee convened and held a speedy public hearing on the bill with no speakers — probably because no one had notice there would be a debate. When the bill came before the House State Affairs committee last month, dozens of people spoke for and against the bill.

Later, the committee advanced the bill to the full Senate and placed it on the Senate’s intent calendar for Tuesday.


May 14, 2019

See conditions at McAllen Border Patrol station

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Remember this humanitarian crisis is caused by tRump administration refusing to release people for hearings and for cutting down on judges and hearing officers.  Their intent is for none of these brown people to be able to stay in the US.   The administration hopes to be so cruel these people simply give up and go back to death.   Hugs


CNN has obtained exclusive photos from the McAllen Border Patrol station which show young children sleeping outside on rocks over the weekend.
A baby bottle filled with milk can be seen in one photo next to a child sleeping outside on dirt, and in another, a woman is seen sitting on rocks leaning against a wall clutching a child.
Additional photos show the chaos and overcrowding at the station’s outdoor temporary holding area. According to a CBP official, when indoor holding facilities are full, they are forced to keep people outside to await processing.

May 12, 2019

Teenage Pricks : Trumpism’s brand of boy power

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An explanation of what drives tRump supporters.   It is not economic, it is the feeling that others are getting away with something they can’t get away with.  The vague feeling that they are not in charge or not in as much power as they once were or fell they should be.  It is something most of us have understood about the deplorables but so many just refused to admit. It is fascism, the ability to bully others and get away with it.   It is a power trip, an ego booster.  Hugs 

Teenage Pricks

But Trumpism took the racial resentment that was always the only successful recruiting strategy of the College Republicans and fused it with the only lesson he ever internalized in his elite education: complete irresponsibility is gloriously liberating. What unites Trump’s older base and his small core of young white devotees is the delight they take in watching him get away with it.

Trumpism’s pitch to young white men is thus a stirringly amoral sort of syllogism: we can’t give you anything material, because we stole it all and are hoarding it, but we can create a world in which you can regularly act on your worst impulses and get away with it. Some city kids are coming to town; here’s a way to racially mock them that won’t get us in trouble.

But when Trump said “this is the day we take our country back,” his “we” referred to a group too exclusive to include anyone from Jordan, Minnesota. And that serves, in another sort of brute syllogism of power, as their own license to unleash their own exclusionary rites of race-driven resentments on their own social inferiors without consequences. Boys will be boys, preying on other boys and girls.

“Why Do Liberals Think Trump Supporters Are Stupid?” by Adam-Troy Castro

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“Why Do Liberals Think Trump Supporters Are Stupid?” by Adam-Troy Castro

How in the hell do they think they can decide morality on private matters for others?

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Thank you Randy for sending this to me.  Hugs


Republicans have no morals, no ethics, no love for their neighbor, and no respect for privacy.

How in the hell do they think they can decide morality on private matters for others?

Christian Activist to MO Lawmakers: “We Have a God-Given Right to Discriminate”

Really?  What a thing to brag on.  Really makes your god seem such a great being?  

Christian Activist to MO Lawmakers: “We Have a God-Given Right to Discriminate”

Missouri is one of the states that has no law preventing discrimination against LGBTQ people. The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) would do it, but lawmakers just failed in their 21st attempt at passing it, all because Republicans don’t want to alienate bigoted Christians.

Calzone insisted that Christian business owners had every right to discriminate against anyone they wanted.

“I believe that we have a God-given right to discriminate,” he told the committee. “We actually have a God-given responsibility, a duty, to sometimes discriminate,” he added.

…Asked if he believed a restaurant owner could eject someone based on race or religion or gender, Calzone said yes. “If a restaurant owner doesn’t want to serve people with freckles, that should be his choice,” he told the group.

He didn’t stop there, either, comparing the plight of that Christian baker to literal slavery.

“Forcing someone to serve someone they do not want to serve is a form of slavery,” he told The Star Editorial Board in an email.

The good news is that Calzone’s comments weren’t the reason the bill died. The bad news is that the bill still died. There likely won’t be enough time to even take a vote because legislators were too busy listening to the insane rants of a religious bigot. The legislative session ends next Friday, May 17.

May 11, 2019

Florida, where Christian politicians make laws saying only their religion can be used for invocations at government meetings.

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New Invocation Rules in Winter Garden (FL) Could Exclude Non-Christian Voices

New Invocation Rules in Winter Garden (FL) Could Exclude Non-Christian Voices

At the meeting, the commissioners approved a resolution to change the invocation practice… in a way that permits exclusion of non-Christian people.

There you go. Forget having different speakers. Just let the commissioners pray to their personal God if they choose to. (It’s hardly a coincidence that the board, as far as I can tell, is exclusively Christian. Only one said he prefers a moment of silence.) This is the same old policy they abandoned in 2015 in order to broaden their inclusivity. It didn’t work, since most invocations were still Christian, yet now they’re going back to rules that could theoretically ban all invocations from the perspective of Muslims, Jews, atheists, Hindus, and other non-Christians.

Christians demanding the government display their religious symbol ( but only their religious symbol ) and also try to play victim

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Jacinto County (TX) Officials Vote to Keep Christian Crosses in Local Courthouse

Jacinto County (TX) Officials Vote to Keep Christian Crosses in Local Courthouse

If you visit the San Jacinto County Courthouse in Texas, you can see giant Christian crosses in the windows. There are four all around the building, and they’re apparently lit up during the holiday season. It’s an obvious sign that only Christians are truly welcome in the building.

Yesterday, county lawmakers caved in and agreed to keep the crosses up, setting up a potential court case.

The county judge and four commissioners made the decision at a packed Commissioners Court meeting, where about 600 people showed up, following nearly two and a half hours of public comment.

“I am a Christian woman, a child of God. I’m here today as a servant of Jesus Church, our Lord and Savior, asking that the crosses on our courthouse in Coldspring be left on this building,” said one woman.

Pastor Phil Herrington of First Baptist Church said the FFRF conflicts with their freedom to express their religion.

“Their religion is humanism. What they’re saying is Christ followers cannot express their freedom, their voice of worship, their voice of God. Yet, they want to express themselves,” Herrington said.

Freedom from Religion Foundation, you’re forcing up your beliefs upon others,” said Christian Stanley, a student of Cavalry Christian Academy.


Some tweets to think on

Open lies and hidden dangers

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(story here) .. (cartoon by Paul Fell)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Jim Morin)

May 10, 2019

Pentagon shifting $1.5 billion to border wall construction

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This makes 2.5 billion stolen from the military for a wall.  This is not being spent to get more hearing officers, more judges, to help handle the claims.  Nope this is for a wall.   Is this not the same military that the Republicans claim is decimated due to lack of enough money.  Is this not the same military that every year the claim needs a huge increase in funding?   How is this legal?   Where is the court fight to stop this?    Hugs

The Pentagon is shifting $1.5 billion in funds originally targeted for support of the Afghan security forces and other projects to help pay for construction of 80 miles of wall at the U.S.-Mexican border, officials said Friday.

“The Pentagon has now reprogrammed 12 times more money to the wall than for repairs for Tyndall AFB, destroyed by Hurricane Michael. We should put troops first!” Sen. Richard Durbin wrote on Twitter. He was referring to storm damage at the Air Force base in Florida where almost every building was damaged.

The biggest chunk, $604 million, is from the Afghan Security Forces Fund, which keeps the Afghan army and other security forces afloat. A standard review of the fund’s contract management found the $604 million in savings, according to two defense officials who discussed the details on condition of anonymity.

Removing the $604 million means the Afghan Security Forces Fund in the current Defense Department budget is reduced from the $4.9 billion approved by Congress.

Another $251 million was shifted from a yearslong project to destroy lethal chemical agents and chemical munitions in order to comply with the Chemical Weapons Convention. Another $344 million is being taken from a group of Air Force programs, where the Pentagon identified contract savings, and $224 million from savings related to a military retirement system, the officials said.

The Pentagon also is taking $78 million from the Coalition Support Fund, which is money used to reimburse coalition partners — mainly Pakistan — for logistical and military support for American military operations.

The Pentagon also is expected at some point to transfer up to $3.6 billion from military construction budgets to pay for wall construction. The details of these plans have not yet been announced.

Campus Chapter Leader Of Pro-Trump Student Group Filmed Shouting “White Power” And N-Word

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These are the people supporting tRump.  These are the people he caters to.  This is what the cult of tRump that is left of the republican party believe in.  How far has the US fallen.   Hugs 

Campus Chapter Leader Of Pro-Trump Student Group Filmed Shouting “White Power” And N-Word [VIDEO]

From the antifa site It’s Going Down:

A video sent to It’s Going Down and already going viral on various Facebook pages, shows the leader of the Las Vegas chapter of Turning Point USA, Riley Grisar, along with a young woman screaming about how they are going to “Rule the Country.” They then go on to yell, “White power! Fuck the n*****s!” A third voice, coming from the person making the video then yells, “Yeah, fuck em!”

Also in the video, Grisar can been seen making the Alt-Right hand sign, a sign which Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk has also been photographed making, along with a variety of neo-Nazi, Alt-right, and white nationalist leaders from Richard Spencer to Christchurch mass shooter, who also praised the former Communications Director of Turning Point USA, Candace Owens in his manifesto which argued that white people are being systematically displaced.

May 9, 2019

Trump Judicial nominee

This is an example of the trash tRump / McConnell are forcing on to the courts.  The country will have to deal with this for generation and many decades.   Most of the nominees are ideologist both religiously and politically.  The believe the laws should support Christianity fervently and only.  No other religion is to be recognized.  Good by secular nation.  They also believe heavily in the Republican far right agenda, and they vote accordingly.  This is a real and present danger to democracy.   Remember these same judges have endorsed discrimination against people for party, religion, race, and LGBTQ+ status.

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