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March 19, 2019

How many more until we act as a people to stop it

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March 18, 2019

Hate + guns = death. It is time to stop it from happening again.

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March 16, 2019


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March 15, 2019

Mother Fatally Stabbed Her 11-Year-Old Daughter in Order to Send Her to Heaven

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No sense typing it out, you all know what I think already!  As always there is more at the link.  Hugs

An Orlando mother has been arrested for stabbing her 11-year-old daughter multiple times until the girl’s death… under the mere suspicion that she was having sex.

The alleged violence, the mother said in an affidavit, was a way to make sure her daughter would go to Heaven.

Investigators said in the arrest report that Rivera admitted to killing her daughter to prevent her from having sexual relationships with men.

According to the affidavit, the mother said she believed her daughter was having sex with men because she smiled “different.”“Rivera stated she believed with her actions that her daughter is now in heaven,” the affidavit said.

As if having sex is the worst thing a kid could do…

OHIO: Republican Bill Would Force Public Schools To Tell Parents How To Opt Out Of Vaccination Requirements

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Why?   I do not get the gain of this for anyone.  We are seeing the resurgence of horrible diseases due to people not vaccinating.  Kids are dying!  Medical costs soaring!  Study after study shows that vaccines are safe and that they work.   What is wrong with our politicians.  Do they want people to die?  I get allergy shots each week because they work.  I will have to get shots all my life, because my system doesn’t hold the immunity.  If I do not get them I get sick, I get feeling ill , like having a full time cold every day.  I wonder if these anti vaccine people get shots for other things?   Hugs

The Dayton Daily News reports:

As other states are facing outbreaks of childhood diseases such as measles and mumps, Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation that would require school districts to tell parents how easy it is to opt out of immunizations.

When schools notify parents of immunization requirements, they would be required to spell out available exemptions, according to a bill introduced in the Ohio House today. The legislation could lead to more parents deciding to skip vaccinations for their children, which would put the community at large at risk, experts say.

March 13, 2019

Will they never stop trying to force their ancient myths on the rest of us. By Zeus they need to stop

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Betsy DeVos: Churches Can Get Taxpayer Money to Provide Services to Schools

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, always looking for new ways to hurt public education in the country, has decided the separation between church and state needs to go. Her office just announced that it will stop getting in the way of religious groups providing taxpayer-funded resources to public and private schools.

Ms. DeVos said that after consultation with the Justice Department, education officials determined that a provision in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the federal law governing the nation’s elementary, middle and high schools, was also unconstitutional. The law calls for students in public and private schools to receive “equitable services,” such as special education, tutoring or mentoring, and allows districts to hire contractors to deliver those services. But the law requires that those contractors be independent of “any religious organization.”

The short answer is that those groups routinely abuse the opportunities in order to advertise their religion. Just look at what happens when Christian ministries are brought in to teach public school sex education classes or host assemblies encouraging kids not to do drugs. On paper, there’s nothing inappropriate happening, but there are countless stories about how misinformation is spread by Christian abstinence-only advocates and how secular daytime assemblies are used to advertise very religious nighttime assemblies.

Similarly, when a ministry offers tutoring services in low-income school districts, it often becomes a way to urge students to bring their families to church.

It bites ya

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Who has privilege

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(cartoon by Nick Anderson)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Andy Marlette)


March 12, 2019

Forcing religion into public schools and on to non- believers children

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FL Bill Forcing Public High Schools to Offer Bible Classes Passes First Hurdle

It raises an interesting question: How can you objectively teach students the myth about Jesus resurrecting? That’s what one Democrat wanted to know:

Despite that, one of her colleagues disagrees. Rep. Jennifer Webb, D-Gulfport, was one of the three Democrats who cast a ‘no’ vote.

“I did find nine federal court decisions, including one from Florida, ruling that public school Bible courses were unconstitutional in whole or in part,” Webb said. “In Gibson v. Lee County, which is a decision from the Middle District of Florida — my district — the court invalidated a Bible history course of the New Testament because it could not conceive how the resurrection of miracles could be taught as secular history.

Daniels didn’t care.

What about offering courses on another major religion to make sure we’re not just propagating the idea of Christian supremacy?

… Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, challenged the religious “objectivity” and “neutrality” of courses that are based on a single religious text.

Eskamani also asked Daniels about texts from other religions.

“My family is Iranian-American. My family identifies with Islam,” Eskamani said. “Would you consider adding the Quran to your bill to be a friendly amendment, as another holy book that can be taught ‘objectively,’ to your language?”

Daniels replied simply, “No.”

Sounds about right. Daniels, a pastor, only cares about advancing her own mythology, not anyone else’s.

Lawsuit: Principal Said 4th-Grader’s Essay on LGBTQ Rights Was “Not Acceptable”

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They do not want LGBTQ to be mentioned, seen, acknowledged at all.   They seem to think if they ignore the LGBTQ we will all go away.   Wrong.  Hugs

According to a recent lawsuit, a fourth grader in South Carolina was told her brief essay on LGBTQ rights couldn’t be included in a collection sent home with students because it “would create [an] undesirable situation at the school.”

What was so awful about the girl’s essay? The assignment was to write a paper about any topic, addressed “to society,” and here’s what the girl wrote:

To society,

I don’t know if you know this but peoples view on Tran’s genders is an issue. People think that men should not drees like a women, and saying mean things. They think that they are choosing the wrong thing in life. In the world people can choose who they want to be not being told that THEIR diction is wrong. I hope people understand that people can hurt themselves from others hurting their feelings. People need to think before they speak because one word can hurt someone’s feelings. We need to fix this because this is getting out of hand!

… Defendant Principal Elizabeth Foster religiously defended her decision by consistently raising her voice and making loud statements, including but not limited to the following: that the original paper would “make other parents upset,” “would create a undesirable situation at the school,” was “not acceptable” and that it was “not age-appropriate to discuss transgenders, lesbians and drag queens outside of the home.” Defendant Principal Elizabeth Foster further proclaimed that “due to the type of school this is, the people that work here and the students and families of the students that go here, the topic would be disagreeable.”

Why should the feelings of a bunch of (I assume) conservative Christians prevent this essay from being included in the mix? It’s perfectly age-appropriate to talk about treating people with civility and decency. It’s also fine to discussion LGBTQ issues considering students learn about family structures and mommies and daddies from a young age. If it’s not weird to talk about straight, cis people, it shouldn’t be weird to talk about gay, lesbian, and trans people. Hell, it’s not like the girl was describing what people do in the bedroom.


In a cage

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March 10, 2019

Ellen Page Was Right

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If you stay in the Catholic church you support this and these people

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When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

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(Comment made in 2002.)

(Comment made in 2002.)
When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

March 9, 2019

She refused to admit it was a cage in her testimony

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Think about this:  If parents are found keeping their children in cages they are charged with child abuse, when the government does it they call it immigration policy.

OREGON: Parents Won’t Vaccinate Their Son After First Tetanus Case In 30 Years Nearly Killed Him, $811K Bill

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The Daily Beast reports:

An unvaccinated Oregon boy became the first person in over 30 years to contract the deadly tetanus infection in the state. The 6-year-old boy was playing on a farm when he cut his head, according to a case report by the CDC. His parents cleaned and stitched the wound at home, but a week later, he arrived at a hospital exhibiting advanced symptoms of tetanus, a serious bacterial infection that causes involuntary muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, lockjaw, and arching of the neck and back.

The Washington Post reports:

In all, the boy’s medical charges in the hospital amounted to $811,929 — which did not include the cost of being airlifted to the hospital or of inpatient rehabilitation, according to the CDC. It’s unclear from the report who covered his hospital expenses.

Notably, physicians counseled the boy’s family to bring the child up to date on all of his vaccinations, as well as receive a follow-up dose of the DTaP vaccine. His family said no.

March 7, 2019

Damn right

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Why would they stop what they sent? #godsplan #testingyou

March 5, 2019

Again religion used as a club to deny equal rights

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UTAH: Republicans Gut GOP Bill To Ban Ex-Gay Torture After Testimony From Anti-LGBT Christian Hate Group

Family Watch International — an Arizona-based organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an anti-LGBT extremist group — brought its resources to bear against Hall’s version of the bill.

Fliers with a photo of a smiling, heterosexual couple on their wedding day were piled around the committee room, directing readers to the organization’s website.

The SPLC reports on Family Watch International’s founder:

Sharon Slater forged close ties over the years with virulently anti-gay African activists like Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa — an enthusiastic supporter of the country’s “ Kill the Gays ” bill — who have helped her lead campaigns to oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality. While these laws impose long prison terms on LGBT people, Slater insists that her position is a compassionate one: by reinforcing a culture inimical to homosexuality, she claims, LGBT people will be encouraged to unlearn their attraction, in turn neutralizing the threat they present to what the Christian Right calls the “natural family.” The rights of LGBT individuals, she argues, are “fictitious.”

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