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March 8, 2018

Congressional welfare

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(cartoon by David Horsey)

February 18, 2018

Is he?

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Just heard a good one on a video.  In the beginning of the bible before he made anyone to hear him, god is talking to someone.   IS he talking to himself?  Is he may be Schizophrenic?  Could explain a lot.  Hugs

June 24, 2017

(1) If God Were a Car – YouTube

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September 30, 2016

This would freak me totally out. Hugs

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September 24, 2016


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June 24, 2015

Saving Every Soul

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Saving Every Soul.

the last part for me was the most important.    Hugs

June 5, 2015

Religious freedom

Religious freedom.

There were several points in this post that moved me greatly and I wanted to excerpt them for the repost here.   I have been given Michelle’s permission to repost her posts, and I thank greatly for that.   However by the time I started looking at all I wanted to point to, from what the Native Indians believe, the idea of all being able to have different ideas with out being against each other, to her grandfathers wise words, and  Black Elk’s prayer for all life.  So instead I will just say I got a lot out of the post and think I will be a better person today than I was yesterday simply for reading and trying to understand what she wrote, and the wisdom of the elders.    Hugs

June 4, 2015

Consider the Atheist – YouTube

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Consider the Atheist – YouTube.

What Happens When Machines Become Conscious?

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What Happens When Machines Become Conscious?.

Great post and the two movies look very interesting to me.  Hugs

April 26, 2015

Christian preacher, Tony Miano,…

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I think this preacher lost his way.  This is not faith, it is not Christian, it is not in the spirit of any god of goodness.   It is hate, ego, greed, power hunger and so much wishing harm on others.   I know good  Christians with hearts full of compassion who are pouring their hearts, love, and all they can into helping these poor people who suffered this tragedy, these decent souls who believe in a loving God are doing what they can and even if it is only praying for the health and well being of those suffering, even if it is wondering why bad things happen to people, these Christians will be sending energy of love and hope.   Those who can will send money and many churches will establish funds.    They shouldn’t be link with or grouped with bigoted assholes like the Tony Miano.   Please understand he has a religion, a business to make money and gain power, the Christians trying to help have faith.   Big big difference.   Hugs

Holy Fucking ShitBalls — iranian-atheist: Christian preacher, Tony Miano,….

excerpt below, please read the rest if you can stomach it at the link above.


Christian preacher, Tony Miano, declares to the world that he is a heartless asshole!This is sadly no sick joke. This is a serious statement by Tony Miano, a Christian preacher, in response to the devastating Nepal earthquake that has killed nearly 2,000 people so far. I have a great deal of respect for people’s beliefs and I am a strong proponent of religious freedom, but people like this man are disgusting! You can follow the tweet and read/respond to the thread that follows, as he goes on to further justify his vile statement:

April 24, 2015

Randy Travis – Don’t Ever Sell Your Saddle – YouTube.. For Randy my wonderful brother. Hugs

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Randy Travis – Don’t Ever Sell Your Saddle – YouTube.

April 5, 2015

Killing The First Born For Pass Over

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First before you read this wonderful post I borrowed from this blog a blog I read, enjoy and like, I have to add a few thoughts of my own.   I am not a monotheist as most of you know.  However I am also not against faith nor the powers of the natural.   I dislike the term super natural as I think it is used to describe things not true for a business sake.  All powers and energies not scientifically understood in my view are still natural.   We just have not figured them out yet.  

It may surprise you to know I have several blogs I go to that are run by and have a christian theme and I do not insult or make fun of them.  The reason is these people understand the difference between their personal faith and the big business of organised religions.   I would never insult or demean people with that understanding and to tell the truth my own life at 17 was saved by a man and his family who understood that ideal.    Faith is internal and between you and what ever you worship, religions are businesses for the purpose of making money and showing off.

I do believe in powers, I think people can tap into them, I feel and see energy bands, I have an idea of a life after my mortal one as I believe my essence to be energy.  I love parts of some other faiths, the Native Indians have a faith system I respect and find soothing.   I often listen to the native chants and songs even thought I can’t speak the words the music says something to me and helps me.  I like the message of the Buddhist and find wisdom in the ideas of enlightenment, wanting what you have instead of having what you want.  I am pagan and I love and wear symbolic amulets, I am trying to find more inside my self and relate it to my world outside my self.  I believe I can channel energy, I am some what gifted physically  and I see things others don’t see, or  sometimes I see them more.  If I am still I believe I can get feelings of the right things to do or be warned of danger.  I believe in Karma.  I love the dragon that comes to my home to play with my cats and enjoy being with us.    Maybe I could say I have faith in the force of Star War’s fame.

Having said all that and there is more, it is a faith of mine, personal to me.  While Ron and I are both pagans and we both believe in magic we have different ways of understanding our faith, practicing it, and we differ in which parts we excel in.   That is what I mean by faith.  It is very very personal.   We get together with others who think like we do and all of us are somewhat different in ideas and gifts of energy.  This is why I often say I wouldn’t want my faith taught in schools, nor would I want laws made based on it.  My faith can not be pushed on anyone, it is not their faith.  Now many have asked and I have shown and taught them as best I could and then they develop their own faith.   I hope you can see the difference.  I hope you can understand why I dislike religion greatly and I have issues with most of them, the holy books they use.  It is not an attack on personal faith, it is an attack on a behavioral control system which takes money from the lowest rung and give it to the people at the top.  Religion is a business to make money.   Faith is a way to live.   Religion can be forced on others and legislated, my faith can not.   I think the same is true for the many people who come to my blog and I know who have a personal faith in one god.  That is OK and good with me.   They don’t make a religion out of it, it is their faith and with it they do great things.   Another way to say it is faith guides your actions, religion forces actions on others.   If you have questions of comments on my views of this , please just write me or comment and I will talk with you, but I need to move to the next point here.  

One thing the author of the post I hope you will read ( and watch the video as I thought it funny )is how often we just take things for granted and don’t think about them, the reasons why they are, or the real object of them.   We just go with the flow, it is has been that way so long, or our emotions have been played so well we did not notice the real truth behind the veneer of what we are shown.   This post brings out a truth that I failed to connect to even with all my forced bible readings and chapel times.  Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon, enjoy the post, I did.  Hugs

Killing The First Born For Pass Over.

March 26, 2015

no way a loving deity would ever think this way…never

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March 25, 2015

‘Thank Thor for this’: Texas GOP congressman brutally mocked for his ‘so help me God’ bill

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I add two comments from the article below.  This is both important and serious.   As state we do not live in a theocracy, we do not have religious law, and for good reasons.  However how do these people get elected with out knowing how our government works, what our laws are, and why do they try so hard to destroy the very things that give us success.    Freedom for only one group of people is freedom for none.   Hugs

‘Thank Thor for this’: Texas GOP congressman brutally mocked for his ‘so help me God’ bill.

“The astounding ignorance and bigotry displayed by his brazen presentation of this proposed wretched sectarian legislation is literally mind-ripping,” Weinstein said. “Not only does it viciously savage United States constitutional religious protections afforded all American citizens, including members of the U.S. military, it also provides an unparalleled bonanza of propaganda for our fundamentalist Islamic enemies such as Isis, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Additionally, it enrages our Islamic allies and utterly desecrates and destroys military unit cohesion, good order, morale and discipline. The United States Congress should at the very least censure this constitutionally derelict villain and universally despicable human being.”

“I am an American veteran,” wrote Patrick Restivo. “I took an oath to defend the constitution of this great country from ALL enemies foreign and domestic. You sir are dangerously close to becoming an enemy of the constitution for suggesting that the rights of citizens be violated by trying to impose your narrow religious views on the brave service members who defend us all. We do have freedom FROM religion and if you try to take it away, we WILL fight back. If you want to live in a theocracy then renounce your U.S. citizenship and go join ISIS and be with the rest of your kind, you traitor.”

December 18, 2014

we need to start listening and stop thinking we know it all….our whole country was already founded. they did not need us, but now we sure need them.

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“Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

― Cree Indian Prophecy

 I wish I could give better credit to the web site I found this on.  However it simply wont let me.   The truth is the native Indians were here and had a thriving society before we forced our way in and took it from them.  Nothing can change that.   The wonderful thing is that the decedents of those people are willing to share their culture with us, if we were only willing to listen.   Sadly too many of our people hold on to bigotry and fail to see the wisdom of those who came before us.   Hugs

October 23, 2014

Busy guy, when does he find time to create worlds and all the people.

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Don’t hold dinner

Man Who Believes God Speaks to Us Through “Duck Dynasty” Is About to Be Texas’ Second-in-Command | Mother Jones

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Man Who Believes God Speaks to Us Through “Duck Dynasty” Is About to Be Texas’ Second-in-Command | Mother Jones.

Great holy boogeyman, save us from this man.  He is horrible.   His ideas and what he wants to make the country frightens me.  I can see him having some weird ideas, but to try to force his ideas on all of us because he has a mistaken idea that this is a country based on his religious belief.  That is totally wrong and he would have us forced to worship, and pray, and perform the rituals of his faith.   Hugs. 

October 15, 2014

A prayer I quickly wrote for my wonderful love, Ron.

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( I had to post this four or five times as every time I tried to post it the words went all over the page, I wanted to have it be two lines, and a space, two lines and a space, so forth.   Sadly the only way I could do it is with a space between each line, instead of the way I wrote it which was in two line verses.   Hugs )

Yesterday Ron texted me from work, he suddenly felt very sad.  He had no idea where it came from.   He just felt this heavy sadness.   So I took my amulets in my hands and sat in the sun shining through my bedroom window and reached out for the energy of Mother Earth.   I quickly felt the life force, the spirit of our world as I try to touch this spirit several times a day.   I drew in energy and then thanking Mother Earth for the help and assistance, I sent it to Ron, and kept Ron in my mind, his image, his love, his needs, his life, and gave that to Mother Earth.  

Then I sat down at my desk.   I reached in to my feelings and quickly wrote the following prayer.   After I said the prayer out loud three times with sending as much energy as I could to Ron with each spoken word.    Here is the prayer I wrote so if you need a prayer for positive energy to help bring you back to center.  

Earth Mother of life,                                                                                                                                     

Filled with energy and delight

Give us peace and joy,      

Protect us with your power and might

Positive feeling safe from harm,  

Fill us again with protective charm

The good in life may we see,  

Mother Earth so mote it be

So mote it be

So mote it be

Ron loved it and he texted me soon after I did this and said he suddenly felt much better and the sadness had lifted.   So I know Mother Earth heard us and our need.   He titled it “Peace From Mother Earth”, and added it to his book of shadows, which is a book with all the positive and helpful things he has found in his studies.   I hope this helps you if you need it.   Many hugs and loves for everyone.   

October 3, 2014

how I have survived the injustice by Vicky

 Scottie has asked me to explain how I have survived the injustice served to my son, Harry , our family and community.. The community, where this happened to Harry, is a small rural county.. Many were divided on this… Also the injustice I still work to correct or at least make it more bearable…. For me it is about truth… as it is for most people…  When I heard the verdict in Harry’s case, I was shocked and it hurt. More that words can say… On the 50 mile drive home, I screamed that I could not do this… Could not fight this battle.. Told Creator I refused to fight…. I was hurt to the core… as I knew the truth had not come to light… Later when we found out the DNA results… that knowledge was confirmed.. Still I was depressed and livid…. I barely ate.. Whiteys ice cream was my comfort food… I lost weight, cried almost every day… Harry was so strong even though , at times, he would expose his fear and pain/ anger… His Dad is drunk most of the time, no help there, and his 7 sisters I would not burden them with this battle… It was up to me… alone… Even though my husband, Rudy, stood with me and at times helped out… He is a gentle man and has no desire for battles… He is happy most of the time… I envy him for his ability to do so…sometimes… As Creator would have it.. I met , through gathering rocks for the prisons, the DOC’s Native consultant… Creator and her changed my life..forever… My first , and many Sweat Lodges were spent weeping out my pain… visiting with relatives who have walked on and asking for help…. Each one was a step to being back on the Red Road… getting balanced.. My employer  sent me to  a shrink.. first thing he wanted to give me drugs… I told him he would have to earn his money as I refused to become dependent…  He was of some help… a place where I could express my disdain for the legal system… At this same time, my oldest son , got out of prison and he and his daughter were living with us… I had my life full of family needing help… I could not lay down  and die…. out of the question… I started to realize that I could ‘do this’ and moved to a place of ‘ attack on all fronts ‘.. I wrote to every legislator I could find… Some were of some help but most were not interested in helping a ‘rapist ‘…. One read through the case and had tears in his eyes , asking me ‘ how do you do it ? ‘ At that moment I knew that It was not just me… It was Creator moving through me…with me.. I spent endless hours on the phone,writing and talking to any one that would listen.. Even the Governor…. was of no help, he did have concern after reading the DNA report… Said he had no control over the ‘judicial system ‘…  No one does.. it is a force with no monitoring from any where.. did this for years… Sometimes I was over whelmed at some peoples reaction to me… Most thought I was another prisoners mom,’ my kid is innocent’….   In a way  I was… But the DNA report always brought them around… that was my weapon of choice.. the truth… My friend, Chris Minor, an investigative reporter for the local TV, did a report on Harry’s case using the DNA as the ‘ bombshell ‘…. We fought all the way to the federal courts… Creator gave us defeat, in  away…. Harry has issues with alcohol… Maybe Creator kept him under the DOC’s thumb (parole ) to keep him from drowning in his pain….  and anger for loosing 7 years of his life… to untruth.. lies and a system that upheld this…  He has to walk in  a good way or face prison again.. He is proving, every moment, that he is good and innocent by living life to the fullest and doing good… Working to make his life and others better… Every one has a weakness that Creator works on to stop us from doing ourselves harm… Some get it ..some don’t… Some have no choice but to stop in their tracks…  As time went by, I began to see the other men and women that face the monster (system) and have little to no help… Have had little to no teachings of their culture…. As it is our way to make relatives, this is how I got to know many of them.. My heart wants to know all 300 + of them but there are restraints  from DOC and they come and go all the time… Some don’t want help or have family and friends that help them…  Mostly the ones we work with have no one… When I start with one of the men or women, I always let them take the lead… this teaches me about them.. Someone asked me if I was ever afraid.. Some have committed serious crimes… I never had the thought cross my mind till then…. And it did not cause any fear afterwards… The only fear I have is for them.. That they survive prison… stay out… fight the old ways of drugs and alcohol… stay away from those who are not balanced and doing good..  I have all the hope that they will be O.K. and that Creator has them in hand… This is my payday… When they make those steps on the Red Road and ‘get it ‘… When they help others do the same… This is my strength… my will to carry on… Creator changed me from a weak and angry woman , to a relative who is at peace with the problems of today… always looking for tomorrow’s solutions……  Drawing strength from the victories big and small… and Creator… To sum it all up… I put it squarely on Creator…  All that I am today is Creators work…  I surrendered to the Red Road and our ways…  I gave up my ‘ way’ ‘ to our way…. Creators way…..

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