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November 16, 2017

Walking while black… Again videos of racism by white police towards and against black people.

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An article dealing with the making of american hate group Nazis. Please read and give me your thoughts. Thanks. Hugs

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Below is a link to an article of great importance to our time , our country , the way some conduct is allowed.   I took about 1 & 1/2 hours to read it and try to digest what it was saying.  it was scary to me in that it seemed the saddest most desperate for something kids had banded together and created a way they could rage and vent, even pretend they were the important people they wanted so desperately to be.  They say that white supremacist and nationalist of any country are basically afraid people like them are not worth much anymore and that they have little value.   They got this lack of esteem not in that they were the targets of some kind of oppression like some groups had suffered.   IN fact they targeted for abuse groups that had been oppressed in an attempt to make their own lives feel worth more.   They got feeling left behind because the world is changing and they don’t fit neatly into the new gears, slots, and places.    They have the ability for the changing world that is clear but not the internal emotional connection to the group as a whole.  Simply put the slogan chanted in Charlottesville “We will not be replaced” shows me this fear in bold letters of every word.  I do not have the training to really evaluate them and the article was a hard read for me.  I hope other that view my blog will read it, all or bits, and give me your thoughts.   Sadly this kind of hate and speech is something that is now part of the body of our country and it must be addressed.   Thank you.   Scottie.   Hugs 

The Making of an American Nazi

How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist—and how might he be stopped?

November 14, 2017

Awkward in Alabama

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November 12, 2017

Hypocrites is the word you are looking for.

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November 11, 2017

Remember in their different holy books the wives / mothers were little girls.

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is it locker room talk?

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What can I get you….

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November 1, 2017

Jeff Sessions may be in big trouble after George Papadopoulos’ guilty plea –

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The headline says it all.   The end of the article explains that in his sworn testimony to congress Sessions claimed he had no knowledge of anyone in the campaign trying to contact Russia.  This has now been proven false.  Also do not believe the white house spin that he was low level and tRump never knew him.  He was pictured by tRumpsky often, he was named by tRumpsky as one of his go to people in foreign relations.   Hugs 

According to the Department of Justice, Sessions was there when an aide said he had a path to Russia

Source: Jeff Sessions may be in big trouble after George Papadopoulos’ guilty plea –

October 28, 2017

#SaveAmna – YouTube

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This is important!   It is about a young girls life!   or if she will have one.  Yes it is about religion and what it is doing to these young girls.   It is about countries our president fawns over that should instead be criticized to the max and not given favorable status.   Please spread this.  Maybe we can still find a way to save her life.  Hugs

October 27, 2017

$300M No-Bid Contract For Tiny Energy Company Bars Feds From “Auditing Or Reviewing” Costs And Profits – Joe.My.God.

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This should be criminal.   It should be illegal.  This is theft of money from the people paying the 300 Million for repairs.   That is us.   Can it be that this is proof of dirty dealing to self enrichment by the tRumpsky administration?   Hugs

Source: $300M No-Bid Contract For Tiny Energy Company Bars Feds From “Auditing Or Reviewing” Costs And Profits – Joe.My.God.

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